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devschow 08-06-07 11:56 PM

k2 zed 2.0 hardtail 2006
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New to this forum, hi everyone. The bike is a k2 zed 2.0 from 2006. What are your thought on this bike? Was it a good investment or should I have bought another bike? I just wanted to get into mountain biking. Please let me know what everyone thinks.

LowCel 08-07-07 10:59 AM

Welcome to the forum!

Congratulations on the new bike. As long as you ride the bike then it was a great investment. Hope you enjoy it.

Darragh 12-04-12 09:31 PM

Loved it
I had that same model since 2007, and I rode it everyday on the streets and on the rough stuff.

Added some bar ends and had to replace the rear derailleur with an upgrade after a fall.

I loved that bike.

Some dick stole it from my backyard yesterday.

I'll miss it :(

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