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MaxBrokeAway 08-11-07 03:25 PM

wrecked hard
Well I had the worst wreck yet in my life. I had just linked up with a couple guys from my neighborhood to go to this cleared out area where they are preparing the land for a new neighborhood...well I was barelling down the street and getting ready to take a hard turn onto the sidewalk...I leaned in real low and my front wheel went into the grass a little and washed layed me on my side, smacked my face on the pavement, and turned my handlebars all the way around...

I got up and im fine...scratched up arm, elbow, shoulder...bruised hip...the bike was OK too...just had to adjust the brakes and ride it around to make sure nothing else got messed up. Well...lesson taught and lesson learned I suppose...dont try and show off your new bike by ******** your self up!

Little Leo 08-11-07 08:13 PM

pics of your battle scars??

Tra!l ! 08-11-07 08:27 PM

ouch man. my lil bro did that in the driveway on his new bike. it makes for good laughs.

MaxBrokeAway 08-11-07 08:56 PM pics for you!! I only reveal visuals of the things Im proud of. And I dont think you want to see that particular part of my body.

Little Leo 08-11-07 09:02 PM

I saw on scared once that this guy poped open his balls:cry:

Blue Jays 08-11-07 10:46 PM

Good luck on a fast, full, and healthy recovery. Knobbies on pavement never leads to good things. :(

DevilsGT2 08-11-07 11:04 PM


WannaGetGood 08-12-07 04:48 AM

I have done kind of the same thing. Except my grass was loose rocks and gravel.

MaxBrokeAway 08-12-07 05:23 AM

hip is stiff this morning...ouch

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