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norco 62 08-24-07 12:20 AM

Back suspension and whats good
hey everyone i have a chance to get rid of m fox dhx 3.0 air suspention and trade it for a helix coil 6.5" and it is the exact size i need but i really ewanted to ask some people what they think i should do so should i trade him because i really need a coil suspention bvecause i live very close to whistler and i want to ride

DylanTremblay 08-24-07 08:19 AM

You don't need a coil to ride whistler. Air shocks are a lot more durrable than people think they are.

It might be just me but I've never even heard of helix making mountain bike shocks. I know they make car shocks but didn't know they made mountain bike shocks.

My vote is to stick with the DHX Air. I ride one and if set up right it can take some pretty big hits with no problem at all.

Oh and what bike do you want to which the shock out of. Just out of curiousity.

Maelstrom 08-24-07 08:23 AM

Stick with the DHX air. I don't like air shocks but it will be more than fine.

norco 62 08-24-07 11:55 AM

yeah thats what i thought i should do and by the way i ride a norco 6 2

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