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wll 08-25-07 08:53 PM

New 2005 Trek Sessions 7 for $1300.00
One of my local bike shops is selling a 2005 Trek Sessions 7 fro $1300.00. The bike is brand new and never been ridden.

What are your feelings on the bike and the price. I'm 58 years old, and going to use it mountain climing on trails ... no crazy stuff, just dirt trails and paths and the like. I have had back surgery and feel the full suspension would be a big plus going over bumps and rough roads and the like.

Thank you guys and gals in advance.


Tra!l ! 08-25-07 09:03 PM

No do not get that bike! If im not mistaken but the Session bikes are downhill or freeride bikes. Unless your going to be taking massive hits and drops dont get it. You wont be able to climb well with it either. Look into the fuel ex series. They are more for you style of riding, XC. I hope that helped. And the fuels are full suspension as well.

wll 08-25-07 09:50 PM

Thank you very much, yes it is classified as a freestyle bike, not a mountain bike ... I'm new to this and don't know the difference :-)


MattP. 08-25-07 10:04 PM

Yeah, the Session is meant to go down hills, and that is about it.

ed 08-26-07 05:00 PM

Actually it's called a "freeride bike" not "freestyle bike".

It's meant to do large jumps and drops as well as downhill.

Not a climber.

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