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EJ123 09-27-07 03:41 PM

How much PSI roughly should I add to my shock?
A few days ago I poked the RS air shock I have on my fuel with an allen wrench just a bit to let some air out. At first I never sagged when I sat on it, but now it sags 25% and when it compresses, it wont come back up. My friend lent me his frame pump, so I'll be using that here soon. I need a rough estimate to achieve a 15%-20% sag upon sitting. Is something around 120ish psi right? I have no idea. Thanks for helping a newb.

mtnbk3000 09-27-07 03:44 PM

i was always tought to start with your riding weight(body weight plus clothes, bags, etc.) Ago from there, if it is too stiff take some out, and vice versa, i would check the maximum psi before attempting this.

DylanTremblay 09-27-07 04:07 PM

Just guess and check. Put about 150 PSI in see if its a good amount of sag. If not then add some or remove some. But yeah as already stated check the max psi.

DevilsGT2 09-27-07 05:35 PM

Is trail and error too hard?

norco_rider77 09-27-07 06:36 PM

not that I know about the fork PSI stuff, but just keeping adding like 5 PSI (trial and error), thats what id do, but first check the max

mtnbk3000 09-27-07 07:15 PM

start with your weight, then do guess an dcheck it will happen faster

probable556 09-27-07 07:28 PM

Have you read the manual for the shock?
Do you own a shock pump?

If you let all the air out and rode on it you may have really messed it up.
Sag is set by measuring and adding/removing air as necessary.

Edit: Here is your owners manual-
It's only 4 pages... useful stuff.

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