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harov3 10-06-07 07:29 PM

Correction 06 Cannondale Rush 600 known issues?
I must have hit my head in one the stacks I had this morning..........Do you guys know of any issues with the 06 Rush 600. Brother in law wants to play too now and his bike isn't worth upgrading or buying shiny new parts for.

Bike Lover 10-07-07 06:20 AM

As long as it will be used for its intended purpose, XC, I haven't heard of many reported problems, but I don't own one. I see quite a few at races and I enjoyed my time on one. It was really smooth over the rock gardens and accellerated well.

harov3 10-07-07 07:06 AM

Thanks for the advice, XC and trails are all he rides.

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