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bobsaget 10-09-07 01:24 AM

Rock Shox Dart 3 vs. Marzocchi MX Pro
Hey guys. First off let me say that i own a hardrock. It used to have an aging Marzocchi MZ fork until I replaced it with a rigid fork earlier this year. I don't like the rigid fork as much as I thought i would so I'm going to go back to suspension.

At 6'6" 250 lbs, is the Marzocchi MX Pro ($200) worth the extra $100 over the Rock Shox Dart 3 ($100)?

You are probably like, "WTF is this guy thinking??? He's waaayyy to big for those forks." Well My old stock marzocchi mz fork that came with my hardrock did just fine for me for 2-3 years until it started to show it's wear.

If I can get another 2-3 more years of light XC riding out of this fork, I'll be happy.

So should I just save my money and get the Dart 3 if this is all I'm looking for? Or do you think the zocchi is REALLY worth the extra $$$**********

Thanks a lot!

bobsaget 10-09-07 11:13 AM


probable556 10-09-07 11:16 AM

Originally Posted by bobsaget (Post 5418989)
Hey guys.


I thought you were very funny on America's Funniest Home Videos. The new host is a total tool. I also thought your work on Full House was commendable. Your role in Half Baked was particularly disturbing and I think you should focus on more family friendly entertainment.



PS- I have the MX fork. It's decent for the price.

picasso 10-09-07 12:47 PM

I liked your standup comedy tour.

CarLo 10-09-07 02:06 PM

Originally Posted by picasso (Post 5421985)
I liked your standup comedy tour.

haha yeah, I never heard so many cuss words from an adult that looks soft.

sjs731 10-10-07 07:12 AM

I just put the Dart 3 on my bike and it is really working great. I use it for trail riding and XC races in WI and have had no problems.

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