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Jamshedk 10-09-07 09:18 PM

I am a bit confused, so which bash gaurd will work?
Bontrager Sport 44/32/22 crank

Im a new mountain biker but I seem to be constantly either getting stuck on logs or hitting rocks really hard when I roll over something.

After some research it seems I need this bash guard item, not sure what size to get, with the crank I have listed what is my minimum size? 32 or 34?

And any recommendations? best bang for the buck?


Funkychicken 10-09-07 10:04 PM

i think bashguard sizes are quoted according to the maximum size of the largest chainring on the bike. so a 32 bashguard should still be large enough to protect your 32T ring. however, one size larger really doesn't do that much harm.

recommendation: e13, but they all do the job really. not sure about bang for buck. other recommendation would be to learn to avoid bashing into things, you get to keep the 44T that way and it should cost much less.

Jamshedk 10-10-07 06:55 AM

Ahh I have seen people pick up the rear end going over obstacles, Im learning to do that on level or downhill trails but I have a REALLY tough time when Im climbing and I have to roll over a 8-10 inch log, I just can not pull up the rear end properly, thx though!

apclassic9 10-10-07 10:36 AM

there's a thread here somewhere about bunny-hopping... you could go search for it, or find someone in your area who has been MTBing for awhile & ask for a demo!

z415 10-11-07 07:04 AM

I have the Nashbar bashguard for $15. Isn't the best but it works and it isn't that ugly.

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