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AusTai 10-11-07 08:08 AM

How weatherproof are older low-end wheels?

I'm thinking of taking my mid-90s Gary Fisher Tassajara on a long road trip where it'll ride at the back of the car. It's a low end bike I got new for around $400. Just wondering if exposing the bike to the elements will harm the bearings in the wheels, etc. There's no room in the car for anything from the bike, except the saddle. (It's a small car)


mcoine 10-11-07 08:37 AM

Before you leave, repack them with some good waterproof grease.

Blade-Runner 10-11-07 09:27 AM

LBIkid 10-11-07 10:13 AM

Provided that you don't plan on parking in a car wash, you'll be fine. Mountain bikes are made to get wet and muddy. I wouldn't leave it on the side of my house for 2 years, but a trip on the back of a car won't hurt it.

MIN 10-11-07 10:43 AM

You'll have to overhaul the cone bearing once a year anyway. Remove, clean, repack with new bearing and grease. Repeat annually. Takes 15 minutes and costs $2.

dminor 10-11-07 11:02 AM

Just don't carry it at over 149 mph. The seals are not V-rated.

AusTai 10-11-07 05:52 PM

Don't think the bike is worth the nice, expensive cover above, but thanks for the pointer.

I think I'll try to cover the wheel hubs with some duct tape or thick grease, and have it overhauled when I get back, if I can't do it myself. It'll probably get stolen on the trip anyway.

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