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RFC 10-13-07 11:09 AM

Will MB components fit on a Moustache bar?
I'd appreciate any pics you have.



pyroguy_3 10-13-07 01:01 PM

not sure what you mean here. Try to expand on what you mean by 'fit'. As in, do you mean the diameter of the bar, or the angles involved in a mustache style bar? Just search moustache bars on google images.

pj7 10-13-07 05:52 PM

You might have trouble getting the derailleur to fit.

harov3 10-13-07 07:45 PM

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I just got my cruiser on the road yesterday-fitted with a set of moustache bars (nitto's) from Bens Bikes in Canada. What I found with the Nitto's was that the section of the bar that you grip was relatively short or short compared to MTB's with the straight bars. The result being I had to put a cutaway into one of the rubber grips to fit the brake lever far enough down the straight section of bar (the bit where your hand goes) so it wasnt poking out at some weird angle due to being fitted on the radius. The three speed shifter does poke out at a weird angle but I'll live with it.

So, I think the Nitto's will be way too short to fit the full complement of MTB gear to the bars without them poking out at some strange angle and all the levers being in such a position where you will have to take your hand off the bar to use them.

Sorry I cant provide you with pics to show you what I'm talking about but my camera lunched itself recently- good luck.

EDIT: here's a piccie so you might what I'm talking about and a link to pair (?) on sale.

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