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Dazza 01-27-08 12:11 PM

Setting up the new rig (forks/brakes)
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Bought a Specialized P1 All mountain a while ago, along with some Marzocchi AM SL's and Magura Louise Carbons. Replaced the forks and brakes and been out on a few runs, to be honest the brakes are no where near as powerful as the Avid Juicy's that came standard, and im pretty sure the forks need adjusting in terms of air pressure.

I read the manual that came with the forks and it was less than helpful, i need to know what sort of pressure should be in each area for a guy about 11 stone, for aggressive XC and a few drops to flat?

Also the brakes i have read need bed in, but have been for a longish day out, with water etc mud all thrown in and they havent improved at all. Any ideas?

Anyway, enjoy some pics!

EthanYQX 01-27-08 12:28 PM

Nope, but that thing is sweet. Never thought they could make a P-bike cool:D

Ted Danson 01-27-08 01:02 PM

you got the same fork as me :D

Bike Lover 01-27-08 07:32 PM

Give it a few rides. My Carbons are great. It took two laps around a local trail, tight single track, lots of braking, for mine to bed. You'll need to get some heat in them.

Dazza 02-05-08 11:57 AM

Yeah true, ill take it to a real fast XC course near me and batter them in ;)

Cheers for the comments :D Does anyone have any ideas on what pressure to run in the fork? Froot Loops?

Ted Danson 02-05-08 03:20 PM

ehh. no clue. maybe if ive got time later ill hook up my hose and check. i just kinda filled it up till it felt right :) the quick adjust rebound on the bottom side of the fork is awesome.

Bike Lover 02-05-08 05:47 PM

You should have an owners manual for the fork which give you a starting point based on your weight. You should also be able to look this up online somewhere.

Ted Danson 02-05-08 06:08 PM

in the manual it labels like every single one of the marzocchi forks, and its kinda hard to read. i only way 135 so i knew i wouldnt max it out. ill brb with the pressure, i got time now

Ted Danson 02-05-08 06:22 PM

i run around 60 on the left n around 55 on the right. i got the fork in the fall so havnt had a ton of experience with it. if you could tell me what the second valve is for, on the left side, please do. i read somewhere in the manual that its to take air out or something? it didnt make any sence to me after reading it several times so i just moved on. i also read that marzocchi tends to send their forks out without adequate tuning of the oil mixture in their forks, so it is always best to take it to a highly experienced person, so they can adjust that accordingly. theres reviews online of people saying in doing so, their fork seems to be a completely different person, if you will. lol so worth a thought

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