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AKRX 01-30-08 08:24 PM

Dual Ring Chain guide using Outer and middle ring
I know e.thirteen makes a chainguide that replaces your outer chainring, but allows you to use your inner and middle rings (i assume it mounts through the bashguard). However, I constantly use my Outer chainruing, but almost never use my inner chainring. Is there a dual-ring chainguide that replaces your inner chainring, rather than your outer one? If not, I've got some letters to write to a few companies.

dminor 01-31-08 12:02 AM

You masher you. The Heim 3-Guide by Montara Designs is a three-ring, shiftable guides that you can use without replacing your big ring with a bash.I can't give you a link because their web site seems caput; but a lot of onlines still carry them.

BFG 01-31-08 01:46 AM

I have this wacky idea.
Move your big ring to where the middle ring was, replace with bashring. Move middle ring to where granny ring was. Use granny as frisbee to throw at insolent immigrants.


mikeE46 01-31-08 08:42 AM

I wanted exactly same as you. Big ring and middle.
However when I remove inner ring, the inner ring weight is so light and after I remove, sometimes chain went down to BB.
So I just put it back and not using it.:o

xsdg 02-02-08 10:32 PM

I know that Blackspire makes a bash ring that mounts to the outside of the spider (and, thus, works with all three rings intact; it comes with extra-long chainring bolts). Just looking at my bikes, though, it seems like moving the big ring in should work, though you may want to flip it around for the best fit, which may mess with your shifting (shift ramps facing the wrong way). Also, keeping it in the normal orientation but on the inside of the spider may make for a weaker attachment, depending on how your chainring and crankarm spider interact.

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