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orfeo 02-03-08 12:17 AM

Sydney Aust downhill?
Hey Guys,

Although i'm in canada at the moment i'm itching to plan my future riding when i return to sydney australia with my new bike, cannondale f3. Anyway, i got introduced to riding down hill while here in toronto last summer and loved riding the don valley trail. So i'm looking for something similar in sydney, something with skinnies, jumps, embankments and hand crafted stuff from the mountain bike obsessed (the ultimate would be something like whistler). Anyway, i'm no pro and i'm only on a hard tail but i really wanna get into it. I checked out and it seemed like the parramatta lake reserve and the malabar head trails could be good, but i can't tell if they're just natural bush or whether they've had some work done to them.

if there's anyone from sydney who has some tips i'd love to hear them :)


BFG 02-03-08 12:24 AM


Tey will be more help.

orfeo 02-03-08 09:34 AM

thanks dude, perfect

Funkychicken 02-03-08 05:06 PM

farkin's good, try nobmob or fatboys as well

for tracks in sydney check out red hill, oxford falls, pm me for details. There's also allegedly plenty of tracks built that are kindof "invitation only" - you'll have to get into someone's (dont ask me who) good books or really sniff around and explore.

R33F 02-07-08 09:03 PM

Originally Posted by BFG (Post 6099549)

Tey will be more help. - definately - look in the 'Watering Hole' under N.S.W - you will hook up with someone for a ride for sure.

If you get the chance - try and hook up a ride at Awaba (2 hrs north of Sydney) if you into D/Hill.

Also Ourimbah (1.5 hours from Sydney)

There is also a great scene south of Sydney as well. (Wollongong, Menia, Sutherland etc)

Plenty of chances to hook up.

Hope this helps.

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