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rankin116 02-11-08 03:49 PM

Problem Solvers Center Lock Adaptor
Long story short, I have a budget wheelset with Shimano center lock disc hubs and I have standard IS 6 bolt Hayes discs that I want to run. I bought the problem solvers adaptors, and I noticed today when they arrived that they say 165mm rotor max size. Anybody know why this is? I was planning on running a 203mm in the front, but this has me second guessing that. What do you guys think?

Ted Danson 02-11-08 04:03 PM

whered you get yours from?

rankin116 02-11-08 04:10 PM

Sorry about that, I forgot to post the link. Cheapest I could find and lightning fast shipping. I ordered them Thurday evening and got them today. The shop is in Oregon. Nice.

dminor 02-11-08 06:14 PM

It is probably because the do not want to be liable for what extra stresses a larger rotor may put on the adapter. Adapters, no matter how good (and PS stuff is good), are always a weak link.

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