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FoX Rider 06-30-04 12:17 PM

Heres my rig, Sorry I couldn't make the pic small enough to fit on here. So check out the link.

TRDshaunTRD 06-30-04 12:43 PM

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Originally Posted by FoX Rider
Heres my rig, Sorry I couldn't make the pic small enough to fit on here. So check out the link.

this is FoX Riders bike, link free

khuon 06-30-04 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by FoX Rider
Heres my rig, Sorry I couldn't make the pic small enough to fit on here. So check out the link.

Next time, you can simply enclose the URL pointing to the image within [IMG] tags and it will get embedded into the post.

Since the image itself is not stored on the BikeForums server but is simply a referral pointer to somewhere else, there are no size limitations.

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silverbara 07-01-04 03:02 PM

I've got a Trek 6700 WSD (01' I think, and I guess Woman's Specific Design aint to specific, beacause it fit me a guy, better than the regular)

Handbuild Shimano XT Disk hubs, with Rhynolite XL
Avid Mech 203mm
Ritchey Clipless Pedals
THE Front fender, (would have got the rear, but I've got a pack)
Sram Hollow Pin Chain, (PC-99 or whatever)
Then of course new tires, and gears and parts like that

I know, I know, shoulda saved my money and bought a nicer bike instead of upgrading the 6700.

skiptracer 07-01-04 03:11 PM

Interloc steel, Lx drivetrain, XT hubs, mavic rims, race face stem, topo risers, Titec post, Psylo XC's in front, Green michelins, lx brakes, and gotta have the OURY's

trevor 07-05-04 12:22 PM thats mine..the red on the webpage is really wierd its not really that red....its powdercoated so its not like that shiny..planin on buyin rear disc brakes and bigger suspension

FoX Rider 07-06-04 10:46 PM

Why does it only have front disc brakes? I'd rather have them in the back. But okay.

Otherwise nice ride. I think that the fork is good but if you wanted to upgrade and you got the money then go ahead.

Hopper 07-07-04 04:29 AM

The reason it has a front disc brake is so that you can get more power when stoping than if you had the disc on the back.

anthonaut 07-07-04 04:35 AM


Originally Posted by monolith
where abouts do you ride Kidafa??, I live in SA.

I am one of kidafas riding buddies. We mostly ride around the waterfall gully area. You?

monolith 07-07-04 06:53 AM


Originally Posted by anthonaut
I am one of kidafas riding buddies. We mostly ride around the waterfall gully area. You?

I ride mainly Happy Valley, 80 Acres (yes on hard tail). Port Noarlunga is another favorite. I also like to ride most of the Adelaide Mountain Bike club tracks about the place (Fox Creek etc)
Never ridden in waterfall gully, is there many trails about that area? Its only a 1/2 hour drive from me to get there.

Hopper 07-07-04 07:58 PM

Hey monolith, I ride with those guys too, there are two DH track and a bit further up is a place with a couple of road gaps (6ft-15ft) and some small jumps. The DH tracks are sick, even Grant Allen has been known to ride at least one of them.

However you need to go with someone, because you won't be able to find the tracks on your own.

BigHit-Maniac 07-09-04 10:01 PM

Mmmmmm Tasty rides.

My Demo 9 Pro next to my friend's BigHit Comp

sandlapper 07-12-04 02:21 PM

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[QUOTE=dfektif one]Just wondering what you all ride?

I have two Cannodale Mountain Bikes. This is my newest one a Cannondale Jekyll 800,

Genubah 07-19-04 01:04 PM

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Hi, this is my bike. BeOne Rockbumble with Minute One.

atomicaxl 07-20-04 05:33 AM

pics coming soon... built fr scratch...

frame: santa cruz chameleon 16"
fork: marzocchi drop off triple
crankset: truvativ hollzfeller 38T wd chain guide
bb: truvativ dh
shifter: deore m510
brakes: deore m555 hydraulic
rd: deore m510
chain: hg 73
rim: sun dblwide
hub: deore m555
tires: irc kujo kevlar 2.25F, 2.35R
tubes: panaracer super tube F, irc R
seatpost: amoeba
saddle: selleitalia turbomatic
stem: truvativ hussefelt
handlebar: answer protaper
handle grip: da bomb
pedals: da bomb

roadkill24 07-20-04 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by PeterG1185
why wont my picture pull up? and yes i've done the IMG button thing and it just doesnt work

By the way i'd have to say that i definately have the nicest ride in here:D

I wish I had a camera, I have an 01 ssasqautchBIG hardtail 20mm formula front on rhinolitew/ 2.6 stout
rear deore xt laced to doublewide w/ 2.6 .243 duro tire, primo 3 pc crank w wipperman grind specific chain, snafu deck pedals dh pig pro headset 5" fork magura julies 7" fr and 6"rear

Carbon Fetish 07-21-04 09:52 PM

My infamous bikes

}P.3/RiDeR{ 07-22-04 12:18 AM

I've got a brand new P.3, its stock with amazing components, great street ride. Heres a feew of the better components
Fork-DJII, 4" qr20
Rims-Doubletracks, 26"
Cranks-Truvativ Holzfeller
Stem-Truvativ Holzfeller
Handlebars-Specialized bighit
Rubbers-Specialized Roller RS
Brakes-Hayes 9
Thats all i can think of now...its a beuty isnt it? i'll post some pics when i get some

bigchina 07-22-04 02:38 AM

wow. very nice

Raiyn 07-23-04 11:11 PM

OK so this is bit late in coming but I finally got access to a digi cam.

Technical Specifications
Blue = stock components
Red = Upgrade parts

FRAME Specialized FSR technology, A1 Premium Aluminum butted frame, full sealed cartridge bearing pivots, disc compatible, disc and rim brake cable routing, 75-90mm adjustable travel, replaceable dérailleur hanger, two sets of water bottle bosses

REAR SHOCK Fox Float R, air spring and rebound adj., 6.0x1.25"

FORK Manitou Axel Super, 100 travel, rebound adj., alloy steerer
Rock Shox Duke XC

HEADSET 1 1/8" threadless, black steel cups, loose ball bearings w/ seals
Chris King No ThreadSet

STEM Aluminum, 10 degree rise, TIG welded, black

HANDLEBARS XC mid rise bar, butted 6061 alloy, 6 degrees upsweep, 9 degrees backsweep, 610mm width
MAXM MX-5 Lo-rise composite

TAPE / GRIPS Specialized MTB grip, black, double density Kraton
ODI "Rogue" Lock On grips

FRONT BRAKE Shimano M-420 linear pull
Swapped for Avid Mechanical Disc /w Hope Gothic Rotor

REAR BRAKE Shimano M-420 linear pull
Swapped for Avid Mechanical w/Hope Gothic Rotor

BRAKE LEVERS Avid AD-3, black

FRONT DÉRAILLEUR Shimano M-510 Deore, 34.9mm clamp, top pull
Shimano XT Front Dérailleur (Top Swing) M750, 34.9mm clamp, top pull

Shimano XT Mega-9 Rear Dérailleur SGS M-750

SHIFT LEVERS Shimano M-510 Deore, 9 speed
Shimano XT Mega-9 Shifter Pod SL M750

CASSETTE Shimano HG-50 LX, 11/34
XT Cassette 11-34

CHAIN Shimano HG-53

CRANKSET Specialized Strongarm II, square taper
Truvativ Hussefelt Triple, ISIS Spline

CHAINRINGS 44Ax32Sx22S, 4 bolt, 104/64mm pattern, steel chainring bolts
New rings are exactly the same.

BOTTOM BRACKET Shimano UN-25, 68mm shell width, 113mm spindle length
Truvativ GIGAPIPE Team DH

PEDALS Shimano M-505 clipless
Odyssey South Gate Soon to be TIME Control-Z

RIMS Mavic X139, 26", black, machined sidewalls
Swapped for Rhyno Lytes w/ XT disc hubs built w/ 14ga spokes

FRONT TIRE Specialized Roll-X 26 x 2.0", Kevlar bead
Vittoria Blue Ridge 26 x 2.1 Kevlar bead These were N.O.S. in my shop. They have the same tread pattern as the GEAX Sedona

REAR TIRE Specialized Roll-X 26 x 2.0", Kevlar bead
Vittoria Blue Ridge 26 x 2.1 Kevlar bead

TUBES Specialized, schraeder valve

SADDLE Specialized Body Geometry technology, steel rails

SEAT POST Alloy, black, 30.9 x 350/400mm

SEAT BINDER Alloy collar with Q/R, 34.9mm clamp I.D., black
Swapped out for the S-works style with the water bottle boss (thanks Waldo!)

Gore Ride-On cables for the brakes, Nervz Teflon cables for the shifters

Well that's my pride and joy. A good portion of the stock parts (read the entire drivetrain minus the front derailieur) went towards upgrading my commuter bike, which is listed over in the commuter section.

Quite a change from how I originally got it.

edit: corrected contrast 12/30/04

coastdog 07-24-04 05:10 PM

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Here's my bikes. I can't afford a digital camera as all my $$ goes to bike swag, so I got the pics from the RM web site. The Switch is stock except I put a Blackspire Dewlie guide/gaurd on it and the Slayer got a new WTB saddle and a RaceFace bashgaurd. :D

thesmallelder 07-29-04 07:54 AM

Exact one I bought the other week at my trek dealer.

JSB 07-29-04 01:59 PM

Finally...All 34 pages. You guys have some nice bikes.
Here is what I currently have.
My Tassajara
My Racer-X (just purchased this week)

Mazza7282 07-31-04 03:34 AM

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Heres my little contribution, not as good as some of the others here i guess, but its still an excellent machine, although i wish i did not sell my "kona colin macrae" limited edition 2003 but o well, heres what i have for a replacement @ the mo, since be driving soon i need a morea decent run around type of thing.

100prcnt Marine 08-05-04 06:55 PM

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rockshox psylo race upgrade hope i like this one better than the pilot sl.

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