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browny 04-19-08 09:38 PM

Help for a girl trying to evolve from the dark ages.
My Marin was stolen recently and it would cost about $4000 to replace. That being totally out of my fiscal reach I opted to buy another Marin off ebay. I was naive in believing that since they were selling a Marin Mount Vision Pro I would get a the bike as it is originally sold. Instead the bike arrived with components that... well I won't even go there. Anyway my question is; can I put any model of shimano xtr front & rear derailleur's and shifters on or have things changed so much that I'm totally living in the dark ages? :eek:

kramnnim 04-19-08 10:05 PM

Any model should work...just make sure the FD is the right clamp diameter, and cable pull direction...and some frames require top or bottom swing...

earlmale 04-21-08 08:08 PM

so the answer is no. front derailleurs are sized and swing up or down- you have to match the one that's on the bike. as for rear, pretty much anything will work. if any of your parts are REALLY old, make sure that you have a 8 or 9 speed cassette and shifters to match

browny 04-23-08 10:00 PM


browny 04-23-08 10:07 PM

Ya, it looks like I'm going to have to have to get a new crankset too. I want the triple (which I thought it would have). Anyway, the more stuff I look at the more stuff I want!!!! Guess I'd better start playing the lottery.:D

Fat Boy 04-24-08 08:58 AM

Make sure you don't get a rear with 'Rapid Rise', or your shifting will be backwards.

browny 04-28-08 10:38 PM

Thanks, I didn't know that.

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