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coreyva 11-25-03 03:08 AM

Z1 FR or Drop off
What is the difference between the Z1 FR and Z1 Drop off? I see they have two different types of Damping Systems, but which one is better? I have a 2003 Specialized enduro comp that I am thinking about replacing the RS psylo on.

Maelstrom 11-25-03 11:24 AM

Z1 fr has better damping. It feel much better in the rough fast stuff and has tonnes of controls. Of the two I would go by cost. If I had the money I would get the fr every time.

a2psyklnut 11-25-03 12:20 PM

I just picked up a 2002 model cheap! I got it from Cambria for $299. Don't know if they still have some, but it'd be worth the call to ask.

BTW, I love mine!


math2p14 11-25-03 01:18 PM

I got a 2003 Z1 Dropoff Euro model, I couldnt justify the performance differential between the D.O and the FR so i picked the D.O. Other than the damping differences...both are excellent forks, the best SC forks imho, you cant go wrong

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