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S. Marley 11-25-03 06:57 AM

Can This Bike Be Had?
This is probably a silly question, but I am looking for a new bike and I would really like to have it come from the factory with:

Mavic tubeless wheels
Disc brakes F and R
High quality front shock
Full suspension
XTR components

I would really lilke to keep the total cost to less than 3K.

Can this bike be had? I really have not sone much research, but I thought I would ask for opinions. I am not hard on equipment and I don't have any reservations about frame materials (no need for 1 lb frames) as Crome-Moly steel still makes a fine frame set.

Any thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated.

PS Avid mechanical brakes are coming on a tandem we just bought. How are they for MTB's?

Thanks for the help,

Steve Marley

Maelstrom 11-25-03 11:26 AM

Avid mechs are good brakes and will work fine.

With xtr...and mavic tubeless...thats pushing it but if you ebayed it and found parts on close you might be able to :)

montlake_mtbkr 11-25-03 01:10 PM

try speedgoat, they do custom builds and I think I saw a full xtr build kit for $1500 a while back, you just have to finda frame/fork/wheels/brakes for $1500. good luck.

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