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Austin_ 04-29-08 08:31 PM

2003 Jamis Dakota XC
I'm in the process of upgrading bikes, but I don't really have money to get a decent bike in this years model so I'm looking at getting a 2003 Jamis Dakota XC that never sold. The bike store is talking about charging $900 (it listed at $1400 when it came out). Is this a good deal? If not, any idea what would be? I know that the price of Dakota has gone down since. Is it just because they switched to aluminum frames? This is a big investment for me, so I'd appreciate some input.

Dannihilator 04-29-08 08:41 PM

I'm kind of borderline on this one. On one hand, even though it's new, it's a 5 year old bike and at $900 the price is still a bit up there. On the other hand, for the price that's at, you'd probably be getting a better deal by going with that compared to what you get when you put down $900 for anything that parallels that bike.

So in the end, I'd go for it.

M_S 04-29-08 09:05 PM

Biggest difference for me would be the fork. I'm not entirely up to date on advances in fork technology over the past 5 years, but from what I gather there have been some pretty significant advancements, starting at around that time (2003/4ish). What fork does it come with?

Dannihilator 04-29-08 09:19 PM

If I remember a manitou skareb.

Austin_ 04-30-08 01:38 AM

fork type
Its an Answer Manitou Skareb Elite.

The specs are here:

Thanks for the advice so far, I'm just upgrading from my Kona Fire Mountain and pretty excited to get on a little fancier ride

indygreg 04-30-08 06:08 AM

I would try to negotiate a bit with them. Bottom line is that they have lost money on that bike holding it for 4+ years. On the other hand, this tells me that they are the type that will not negotiate or they would not have it all these years later.

I would walk in with $800 or $850 in cash and say 'this is what I am willing to spend - taxes included' and say take it or leave it. I think at $800 is it is good buy.

Truth is you could find something similar on ebay for around $800 or less if you took some time. You could find something that has not been ridden much at all and thus is about the same. Plenty people buy MTB and hardly ever ride them.

kramnnim 04-30-08 09:15 PM

Yeah...there was a "like new" '07 Dragon Comp on ebay for under $800 (buy it now)...

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