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Dave719 11-30-03 01:36 AM

Rim brake wheels OK for disc brake use?
I have an 04 Stumpy FSR Expert that came with V-brakes and wheels with Mavic X225 rims and disc hubs. I've decided to replace the SD-5s brakes with Avid Mech Disks. I'm worried whether these rims are strong enough for use with disk brakes. Should I install the disc brakes and use the existing wheels or wait till I get some disc specific wheels?


ParamountScapin 11-30-03 06:42 AM

Rims are OK but am wondering if the spokes/dishing will be correct for the disks.

math2p14 11-30-03 03:24 PM

Yes no problem, but if you have radial spoked wheel then NO. You need 3cross spoke pattern in order to have a strong "disc" wheel.

Mtn Mike 11-30-03 03:29 PM

Not all rims are suitable for discs, but I would imagine that if your wheel came from Specialized with disc hubs, they consider it a safe wheel for disc brakes.

bentrim 11-30-03 04:09 PM

I believe the stock Mavic X225's that come with the SJ Expert are already setup for Hayes disk brakes.

Look and you'll probably notice that the front and rear hubs have a rotor mount already on them, and the frame and fork have the mounts for the brake.

Dave719 11-30-03 10:02 PM

Thanks for the replys. I guess my question really is does Specialized make these wheels with the intent for people to eventually upgrade to disc brakes while using these wheels. Or is it easier on their parts inventory management to stock just the Deore Disk and Stout Disk hubs for both types of wheels? I have read concerns about eyelets and the spoke bed for rim brake rims not being strong enough to resist the additional strain put on the spokes by disc brakes. Perhaps I am being overly cautious.

Anyway, I decided to use them but I'll keep a mental note that perhaps these wheels may not last as long as they should and to inspect them more carefully for any problems. I guess that means I should wash the bike more often :) .


bentrim 11-30-03 10:49 PM

My SJ is the '03 model (Shoulda waited for the new '04 frame -- Shoulda! Shoulda! Shoulda!) and it has Mavic X221's, and the LBS guy told me they are "disk ready" as is.

You can also note that the Stumpjumpers Expert Disk which already come with Shimano hydraulics use the same Mavic wheels.

Honestly, I'm not knowledgeable enough to say whether your own weight, size, and riding style (if aggressive) would stress the Mavic twenty-two hundred series rims and spokes.

CORRECTION: I said the Specialized mounts were ready for Hayes hyros, but upon review it seems that Specialized uses Shimanos on their stock setup. Best to check with the LBS to make sure the mounts take Hayes without an adapter.

a2psyklnut 12-01-03 08:37 AM

The rims are fine! You won't have any problems. Or, I should say, any problems that a different rim would change. There really are not any significant structural differences between a rim-brake and a disc specific rim. A rim brake rim profile has to have a braking surface, so there is actually more material on the rim. Usually this surface is machined to provide a smooth braking surface. A disc specific rim profile is shorter (no need for braking surface) and is NOT machined.

I'm using a rim that is designed as a freeride rim that is NOT disc specific with my disc set-up.

You really have nothing to be concerned about. (speaking specifically of the rim).

As far as stocking inventories or future upgradability. My guess is that it's a bit of both. But I lean more towards the upgradability. Only because Specialized has SOOOO many different bike models they have huge inventories of accessories, that they are buying a bunch of different ones anyways.


Raiyn 12-01-03 07:29 PM

Originally Posted by Dave719
I guess my question really is does Specialized make these wheels with the intent for people to eventually upgrade to disc brakes while using these wheels. Dave

Yes That's exactly why.

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