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superjoe95 12-10-03 08:13 AM

Christmas Time!
Just wondering what kind of bike stuff/bike gizmos everyone has on their lists this year?

Jim311 12-10-03 09:20 AM

Some new SIDI clipless shoes! The ones I have now are ragged an uncomfortable. Also some new discs to replace the warped ones I've got, a new handlebar, new bottom bracket, some arm/leg warmers, new tires.. all sorts of goodies. Oh.. and a new bike rack because mine is old and busted.

Gotta find some new hotness.

Cornish_Rdr_UK 12-10-03 10:27 AM

Just a new jersey for me this year.... But Ill buy something with an money i get :)

math2p14 12-10-03 01:14 PM

Specialized Enduro SX Frame,
Raceface NorthShore XS cranks ISIS
FSA Platinum pro bb ISIS
FSA pig dh pro headset
and maybe Mavic F219 rims on HopeXC disc hubs with DT spokes.

But that is shortly after xmas when i ll return in the UK

a2psyklnut 12-10-03 01:20 PM

New Park PRS-5 repair stand.
New platform pedals (either Atom Lab Trail Kings or Easton Cully's)
New winter gloves
I need some new grips too.

Oh yeah, I'll be getting a new frame. My buddy is building up a bike and ordered a complete bike for all the parts. I'm gonna buy his frame. K2 Brass Monkey!


Davek 12-10-03 03:20 PM

I got a K2 ZED 4.0 :)

Wilson10 12-13-03 09:12 PM

Mostly just gear for me this year. Jerseys, shorts, socks, new helmet, and a new camelbak

Maelstrom 12-13-03 09:17 PM

Movies...I don't trust anyone to buy me clothes or parts...I am too picky and seconds guess myself to much

skiahh 12-13-03 09:32 PM

Specialized S-works Epic frame....

Hopper 12-15-03 10:28 PM

Intense M1
Specialized Demo 9
Santa Cruz V10
Manitou Dorados
Kona Stab Primo
Yeti 9

Just kidding, but I would like them.
Want Marzocchi Jr or Super T, new Jersy and new shin knee guards and a Body armour Jacket. I think its a safe bet I'll be getting a new Jersy. But I will need to probably buy the rest.

rockstar 12-15-03 10:49 PM

going to order a santa cruz vp free

Jim311 12-15-03 11:50 PM

Originally Posted by rockstar
going to order a santa cruz vp free

Order one for me too.


jekyllrider 12-16-03 12:03 AM

I didn't ask for anything since I bought a Santa Cruz Heckler frame with a 5th Element shock for my kid. It is black with silver graphics. It should be done shortly after Christmas. We have ordered most of the parts, kind of holding out to see if Santa Claus brings a fork.

skdsl 12-16-03 07:23 AM

just bought myself some Fox Talas RL's ;)

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