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nginamandla 12-12-03 07:03 PM

front shocks, rear shocks, or none at all?
I've read controversial suggestions on this. I plan on doing mountain bike touring, and need a decent bike that can withstand weeks on end and still be comfortable. (and still be able to carry all the camping and food stuff on the bike.)

bentrim 12-12-03 07:23 PM

I suppose it depends on your personal need for comfort, and the terrain you're riding in.

The major trade-off with suspension is comfort for weight, cost, and maintenance.

Personally, I would want front suspension for sure, even if I was only riding smooth, flat gravelly roads. Heck, I would take front suspension over no suspension even for city riding.

Rear suspension is always a bonus. For prolonged rides (over 2 hours), I usually wuss out and opt for my full-suspension XC, over my hardtail.

If you get an air shock, like a Fox Shox, buying a high pressure shock air pump is a must.

If you're going to be away from civilization for a while and there won't be any bike shops for you to go to for any repairs, you might opt for a hardtail (less maintenance) with a suspended seatpost, a nice gelled seatcover, and a pair of padded chamois pants wouldn't hurt either.

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