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Roofaloof 09-18-08 12:05 PM

Does tire width include width of knobs?
Hi all,

I'm looking to get some fatties for the SS I just built and was wondering:

Does rated size (eg 2.3", 2.5") mean the width of the body of the tire, or the width of the very fattest part of the tire? I ask because some of the tires I'm looking at have knobs that appear to stick out past the sidewall.

Thanks for the answers to the noobish question!


dmcgoy 09-19-08 02:59 PM

Usually the width is from the fattest part of the tire (knob to knob). Which is misleading.

mtnbiker66 09-19-08 03:30 PM

You will find the numbers misleading. A 2.35 tire will be all over the place as far as widths go depending on the brand.

DirtPedalerB 09-19-08 07:42 PM

yeah don't trust the numbers

sims10000 09-19-08 07:46 PM

Great question. So does that mean that a 2" fat slick is generally wider than a 2" knobbly?

DirtPedalerB 09-19-08 08:58 PM

2" slick will probably be more narrow than a 2 inch knobby ... that's just my observations though..

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