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S.D.XC 11-18-08 04:58 AM

From tubeless to tube?
Hey all,

Sorry if you heard this before, but see today i (ok this may sound like Cheeto but just bear with me for a minute), i punctured my tubeless Bontrager Connection Trail on some rocks. And yes i know it's a crappy tire but, what should i do?

Get a new tubeless tire?
Get a new tubed tire?
or just put a tube in the tubeless??

PS : I can't find the puncture, though.
PS2 : I'll be going to my LBS tomorrow.

C Law 11-18-08 07:53 AM

Have you tried stans sealant?

S.D.XC 11-18-08 08:20 AM

coz this is my VERY FIRST TIME getting a flat on a tubeless (not saying i know how to fix tubed wheels... :o)...

I only know that one side of the tire is still stuck to the rim while the other side is off the rim (supposed to be like that?).

I'm guessing the sealant is supposed to seal up the puncture and the side of the tire that came out? :o

mcoomer 11-18-08 08:27 AM

Yeah, throw some Stans (or equivalent) in your tire. If you get a puncture in the tread it will usually seal it completely. If you puncture the sidewall it's less effective but does still work pretty well.

As for running tubes in a tubeless setup, I've done it. I went down once and rolled the tire off the rim. I couldn't get it to reseat very well so it kept leaking during the ride. I just pulled the tire off one side, slipped a tube in, and finished my ride. Once you get back home you can pull the tube out, fix the problem, put some sealant in, and reinflate. Voila, tubeless again.


S.D.XC 11-18-08 09:18 AM

thanks for all the information!!

but just one last thing.

If you slip a tube in a tubeless, how about the air valve?

born2bahick 11-18-08 09:33 AM

remove the tubeless valve from the wheel, it's not rocket surgery

S.D.XC 11-19-08 04:02 AM

just pull it out?


DAMM*T!! my LBS is closed till Saturday...guard said something about changing owners...hmmm...

C Law 11-19-08 05:14 AM

Your LBS has Guards?

That must be where they are hiding the new 10 speed Sram MTB Gruppo

re: the valve - yea, just pull it out. There is probably a nut around the valve stem. unscrew it. then push the valve back through the rim. then use the rim as you would any other 'tubed' rim

mcoomer 11-19-08 11:29 AM

In Thailand, it's not uncommon for merchants to hire a guard. Sometimes they watch one shop, sometimes several on a block. Speaking of which, I haven't been over there since '05...need to get back to ****et!

S.D.XC 11-20-08 09:41 AM

thanks C Law...!

and yes, there are guards, but no, not the 10 speed Sram MTB Gruppo.

Just a bunch of Specialized and Trek entreee - medium level bikes...

occasionally there are some 2nd hand Jamis bikes...

Mcoomer, i have never been to ****et!! :o

How is it there? Any good trails?

mcoomer 11-20-08 11:28 AM

I don't go there for the trails. I go there to lay on the beach under an umbrella and eat pineapples, mangos, som tam, and bing gai. Throw in a couple of Singha's and I'm good to go. My wife is Lao and has relatives in Kong Chiam so we generally spend two weeks on the beach, a week in Ubon/Kong Chiam, and a week shopping in Bangkok. Beautiful country, wonderful people, good parties, and great food.


nachomc 11-20-08 11:49 AM

mmmmmmm Singha

S.D.XC 11-21-08 07:33 AM




anyways i got it fixed...and totally my bad, i shouldn't have started this thread, as my wheel is TUBED (i didn't see the tube in there!!).

So i just went to some OTHER bike store... and got a tube...checked on EXPERT VILLAGE, and with the help of Aaron Phillips, i fixed my wheel! ;)

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