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gennien 11-19-08 08:19 AM

A bike for Maltese Roads
Hi all,

I do most of my cycling on a road bike, mostly to keep fit (I work on computers :crash: ). Now I have started going to work with my road bike too, but the roads here in Malta are terrible, with no bike mentality whatsoever from Maltese drivers. For this reason I am thinking of buying a Mountain Bike just to go to work with. This would give me the benefit to pass from safer roads, but roads where I could not pass with my roadie. Now, I went to the the LBS and offered me a bike for ~$300 (Remember I am not going off road or something like that, this is purely for commuting in rough roads). I have never heard of the make - Ventura - I think it is some Chinese product. All I found on google about this bike - Ventura M-Byte - was this:

FYI, this price is quite good as in Malta a good make (Giant,Bianchi, Kona, etc) would be somewhere near $800.

Have you ever seen this make?? What would you do?? Thanks

bikinfool 11-19-08 08:57 AM

If my road bike could handle fatter tires, like 30 or 32s I'd do that first (although the biggest my road bike will fit is a 28, I think). I don't think I could bring myself to ride that Ventura, though, but I'm picky. For 300 the Ventura might work...

frankenmike 11-22-08 06:20 PM

Other than the slightly girlish frame, it seems like a decent ride for 300 bucks. Would probably handle the roads you describe well, and be suitable for some moderate off-road action.

ed 11-22-08 07:17 PM


elf 232 11-22-08 07:58 PM

Hmm, maybe consider something with, a bit more basic frame (that bikes going to be a bit overkill for even rough pavement, and therefor heavier) Perhaps redline D440? I know that there is no suspension but you will get a much better bike.

I really dont think that bike will be too comfortable for road riding. Also that fork has no lockout, so your going to be constantly bobbing as you pedal up around.

The M-byte is kind of a slightly improved dept. store bike. If your biking relatively flat terrain, you could make it work though.

So just curious do use use American currency in Malta?

ca7erham 11-22-08 08:07 PM

Lockout is way over rated. Plus, I am willing to bet it uses a fork so stiff that it barely moves anyways.

Psycle chic 11-22-08 08:13 PM

Elf knows all. :rolleyes:

elf 232 11-22-08 08:35 PM

Originally Posted by ca7erham (Post 7901227)
Lockout is way over rated. Plus, I am willing to bet it uses a fork so stiff that it barely moves anyways.

Thats my point, he might as well get a rigid, save the weight, instead of getting a heavy fork which is going to be unresponsive anyway.

Originally Posted by Psycle_chic (Post 7901250)
Elf knows all. :rolleyes:

Its always good to hear from a fan.

Psycle chic 11-22-08 08:41 PM

Originally Posted by elf 232 (Post 7901365)
Its always good to hear from a fan.

One that can blow right past you in a blink of an eye.

elf 232 11-22-08 08:50 PM

Ok, you win by right of logical argument.

gennien 11-24-08 03:40 AM

Hi Guys, bought the m-byte. Actually the suspension is quite good, but as you said it has no lockout and on the road you loose some power, but I can manage that. The bike seems ok, at least for now and I think its good value for the money. Thanks for your help!!

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