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canflyboy 11-21-08 06:36 PM

What size Rotors - Cannondale F7
I just bought a Cannondale F7 with V brakes. This is my first MTB and I'm using it to test the waters to see how I like it. I'm a bit of a Clydesdale and have been spoiled with disk brakes on my Brodie Hybrid and cyclocross bike and would like to put some mechanical disk brakes, probably Avid BB7's on the bike.

How do I determine what size rotor this bike will take? Some of these came with disk brakes. Can anyone tell me what size they're using on their F7? The bike has the lugs for disk brakes, I'll just have to swap out the hubs.



sirtigersalot 11-21-08 07:30 PM

160mm rotors, they are pretty much the standard size for xc bikes, you won't need anything bigger, and i don't think the fork on the f7 can handle larger rotors. There are smaller rotors in existance (140mm) but they are much less common so finding replacement parts would be more of a hassle, 160mm is what the f7disc comes with stock and what almost every xc bike comes with. Your hybrid and cross bike prolly both have 160mm rotors. Some people call 160mm rotors 6 inch rotors, its the same thing

oh and also fyi your prolly better off just buying new wheels then swapping the hubs, unless you know how to build wheels labor will drive the cost up closer if not over a new set of equivilent wheels.

frankenmike 11-21-08 08:26 PM

160s are standard, as pointed out above, and would work fine. Some clydes like 180 in front. If you want to get super blingy/weight weenie go for 140 in the rear for weight savings, since rear wheels don't have as much braking power demands as the front.

jcook1989 11-22-08 03:38 AM

6 inch rear. 8 inch front.

sirtigersalot 11-22-08 08:22 AM

^i'm pretty sure the fork that comes with the f7 is designed for a max rotor size of 6in, idk if thats a rule you are allowed to break

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