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halo-fan-4ever 04-07-09 05:31 AM

Downhill/freeride noobie needing help
Hey everyone.

first off, Hi my names Nick im 16y/o and live in Spain and i want to get started with downhill/freeride.

Im on a rather tight budget at the moment since im not working.

i can afford about 300 (aprox. 400$ / 270) max:(

and was wondering what the best bike i can get for that kind of money.

I was looking on the Tesco and Argos website and came up with these.

Lamborghini Toro 26" Dual Suspension bike 240

Lamborghini Diablo 26" Front Suspension Bike 240

Exodus Vault 26'' Dual Suspension Bike 274

Silverfox 26in Slither Dual 244|12108222.htm

Muddyfox Vice Front Suspension. 200|12108224.htm

if you could please just take 5 mins to look at those, im also open to any surgestions.

the Silverfox 26in Slither Dual looks pretty sweet and is my favourite so far.


ed 04-07-09 05:34 AM

That place has a great deal on finance:
BUY NOW, PAY 6 Months LATER when you buy with
the Argos Card. Typical 27.9% APR variable.


dminor 04-07-09 09:32 AM

NONE of the above choices are suitable, unfortunately (and I say this as a person who started racing downhill on the most questionable of bikes).

At least Muddyfox is a brand name bike on your continent; but the Celcius would be much more suited and in your price range.

Expect to get a durable hardtail at what you want to spend rather than a crappy full-suspension.

halo-fan-4ever 04-07-09 10:32 AM

WOW thanks dminor! thats a sweet bike!

Im familiar with muddyfox because my dad has a really old one lol. I didnt think they make bikes no more haha.

front suspension only is fine for downhill right??

dminor 04-07-09 10:42 AM

Front only will be a fine way to start. If you find you really like it and start to get faster/go bigger, then you may want to move to full suspension in the future.

halo-fan-4ever 04-07-09 11:27 AM

i click buy now and it says bike currently unavailable :(

and none of the ones on amazon send to spain.

anyway.... ill get my hands on it one way or another.

thanks for all your help, see you around on the forum :D

halo-fan-4ever 04-09-09 07:04 AM

sorry for double posting.

I was wondering what a good length travel would be for starting out on?, alot of the hardtrail bikes on the muddyfox website have 3 inch/70mm , 60mm travel.

would those be ok? or should i stick to buying the Celcius with 100mm?

i at least wana leave the ground without snaping my wrists in half on the landing.

dminor 04-09-09 07:09 AM

You are better off with the Celsius; it's most suited for what you want to do with it in your budget.

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