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RicFang 04-10-09 06:10 PM

Where is the best/lightest 20"-wheel kids bike?
As many adult XC mountain bikes have droped their weight to about 25lb these days compare to 30lb+ a decade ago, just why are kids bikes remain so heavy? I compared some good brand 20"wheel kid bikes that weight in +/-26lb; it's heavier than my adult 18" frame Rocky Mountain Hammer!!! Why??? Searched many web sites and couldn't find one decent in North America! Can anyone suggest the best 20"-wheel kids bike? Would it be worth to built up a kid bike for a 6 year old?

sirtigersalot 04-10-09 08:58 PM

kids bikes are so heavy cause they are so cheap, they make em with steel frames, a 20" bike is usually 150ish at ur lbs, think about how expensive a 25lb mtn bike is, Kids bike also have to be able to handle being tossed around by children and usually never have maintenance performed, also many of the parts are steel (steel seatpost stem and handlebars)

i wouldn't put much into a 20" bike they are gonna grow out of it fast however when he/she gets into a 24 you have some options, i know where i work we now have a $400+ 24" bike thats sick, even has disc hubs and tabs on the frame and fork, doesn't come with discs but thats so cool i'd totally put discs on a kids just for ballin factor. But even on a 24" they are gonna grow fast, but if you want somthin they can actually trail ride u'll have some options at that point

roccobike 04-11-09 07:07 AM

I'm not aware of any 20" wheel MTB that's light. I've had a couple of good brands pass through my hands and the one's with a suspension fork were heavy.
There's not much relief when you go to 24" wheeled bike either. I've had older Hotrocks and Trek 220's, and they aren't light. I don't know about the newer models.
Think about it, who wants to pay $600 for a 20 or 24 inch wheeled bike? The folks I've met who are willing to pay for a suspension forked kids bike would spring for a couple hundred and that's about it. As for a 24" wheeled bike, it might be better to buy a small framed (13" seat tube) Trek 820 or 3700 or a Hard Rock than a 24" model. My older boy went from a 20 inch right to a full sized bike. My younger son rode his 24 inch bike for one year, then it was too small. What a waste.

RicFang 04-13-09 11:32 AM

Thanks for your kind reply. I'm still looking for the lightest (regardless price) 20" bike for my kids considering one can ride after another is done (maybe total of 3~4 years of riding).

Captain Chaos 04-14-09 12:25 PM

The Specialized Hotrock is lighter than most.

RicFang 04-14-09 08:40 PM

I like the 20" Hotrock and almost brought it, until I found out it weight almost 25 lb, and the suspension doesn't work smoothly. Not to mention the other garbage at big box store. I still doubt the 20" Hotrock is the lightest bike out there!? or is it? Can someone show me the lightest 20" bike without stupid suspension?

Mofopotomus 04-14-09 09:28 PM

Gary Fisher Precaliber

It's a single speed, but it doesn't have suspension.

Zephyr11 04-14-09 09:43 PM

Roccobike had the right idea here. People just don't want to pay that much money for a bike that their kids are going to outgrow in a year or two, and therefore spec cheaper and heavier components. If you're really that obsessed with building up a super-light 20", your best bet is a race BMX.

This complete should be pretty light:
And it's also available as a frame only, so you could probably build it up as a custom and make it even lighter. Expect to pay for that though...building up BMX bikes isn't cheap.

hsb250 11-29-10 12:42 PM

These show a couple bikes that are pretty light ... they are boys bikes

Bikedaily 07-10-14 05:58 AM

Opus doppler is relatively light no suspension and my kid really likes it.

Squeeze 07-11-14 08:57 AM

I'm in the same boat as the OP. My son just turned six and has outgrown and outworn his Huffy Rock-It that his grandparents got him when he was three. I can't find anything that doesn't weigh a ton.

Thanks for the recommendations here.

Edited to add: I didn't realize this was a zombie thread.

pbass 07-17-14 08:11 AM

I finally got sick of watching my kid wrestle this ungodly heavy big-box bike that was utter crap anyway (and I hated lifting it onto the bike rack myself!). I got him this one:
MT 200 Boy's - Kids' collection - Trek Bicycle
It's a 24" I realize--not exactly what you're looking for--but FWIW we're very happy with it. I think the added weight of suspension at his current body weight is kinda unnecessary. He throws this bike around without much trouble, it's nice and simple, etc.

bicyclridr4life 07-22-14 11:33 AM

I saw a 20 inch wheel road bike a few years ago. rather expensive at $900 though.

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