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fadetoblack6902 04-14-09 08:10 PM

29er stumpjumper comp or Epic comp?
I am considering buying either an 09 stumpjumper 29er comp or an 09 specialized epic comp. Both have similar components, though the epic has a better fork in the fox f100.

I currently ride an 02 stumpy hardtail. I have always ridden hardtails, and have had trouble getting used to standard full suspensions. I'm thinking the brain on the epic should make it feel more like a hardtail though. I live in missouri and usually ride castlewood, chubb trail, siue, berryman, lost valley, etc if anyones ridden there. Most trails here are hardpack with some roots and small rocks. A few hills but nothing like out west obviously. Most of the trails are rideable on a hardtail, but I think they'd be much easier with a rear shock.

I work at a shop and theres only a $200 difference between the two after my discount, so price isn't much of a concern. I'm 6ft 160.

What do you guys think?

DarthBobby 04-15-09 02:10 PM

:drool: best problem ever :)
I <3 the stumpy.

fadetoblack6902 04-15-09 07:45 PM

well that was an easy solution! I rode the Epic today, and it's amazing. Now the question becomes do I use the wheels that come with the Epic (specs below) or use a pair of probably 3 year old Mavic Crossmax SL SSC wheels off a K2 I just picked up?

rims Custom DT Swiss X420SL, 24mm w/ eyelets, 28/32h
FRONT HUB Specialized Hi Lo disc, CNC flange, sealed cartridge bearing, 9mm DT RWS, alloy QR, 28h
REAR HUB Custom Shimano M525 SL, alloy QR, 32h
SPOKES DT Swiss 1.8mm stainless, black, alloy nipples

mcoomer 04-22-09 12:56 PM

Use you discount to order some parts and roll your own. Or, since it sounds like you're in a Specialized shop, get some Roval Controle XC's. That's what came on my Stumpy and I was very skeptical at first but they're working out very well.


ProEdgeBiker 04-23-09 02:08 AM

M_S 04-23-09 01:00 PM

The Stumpy comes with the 09 Reba, right? I would personally refer that to the fox. It's a great fork.

But more than that, the Stumpy will be a better all around trail bike, the epic is a great racer. And of course you have to decide on wheel size.

You certainly won't end up with a bad bike either way. You work in a shop: can you demo both?

Lebowski 04-25-09 04:04 PM

i do like rockshox products more than fox (i actually have last years fox fork on the epic and an 09 reba race on my 29er)

i am the proud owner of an 08 epic comp. it was a little disappointing at first, i was expecting the bike to be something it wasn't. it does what its meant to do. if you're looking for something that is strictly for XC and light trail riding look no further.

i ride XC pretty aggressive so the stumpjumper probably would have been a better buy for me, but i am six feet tall and 150 pounds so gravity is pretty kind to my bikes. i try and keep the epic on the ground anyway.

specialized is working on a 29er epic. for what thats worth if you want to wait.

the epic climbs like a hard tail and the rear suspension is responsive enough that i can sit down 80% of the time. the brain works.

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