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mykster 04-26-09 08:05 PM

Spectating first race.
I'm sure alot of you have attended or raced in a dh race, this was my first time at such an event. It was amazing. Beacon Blowout in Spokane ,WA put on by Bicycle Butler. I've never seen in person the calibur of riders. Saturday was practice and my bro in law and I watched racers practice and scope out some of the drops. Just being there has brought my interest in this sport to a new high. It was quite exciting being right along the course as the riders came down. Also got to meet Mr. Dminor himself. Boy, Doug they got you running around that place don't they? LOL. Next time we come over we can hook up for some riding. Also, the next time you head this way we can hit Galby and then come back to my place for a bbq and some beers. Was a pleasure meeting you finally.

dminor 04-26-09 10:48 PM

And you too, mykster. Sorry I was so busy today. Everything that could have gone wrong . . . did. As it turned out, I was the 'start list' calling up racers at the top straight off a laptop. But somehow, what was a complete logistic train-wreck ended successfully and everyone got their awards and went home happy.

Glad you enjoyed it. Would love to show you the rest of Beacon; for a relatively small hill, it has an amazing amount of variety. Sorry too that you didn't get a chance to meet Luke; but when I get over for a Galby ride, we'll all hook up for sure.

dminor 04-27-09 10:34 AM

Some of the Beacon action caught by one of our local photogs:

All photos copyright Linked here with all credit and homage to the photographers

The rest of the Digital Daredevil gallery from Beacon is here:

pinkrobe 04-27-09 10:51 AM

I've never watched DH, but I have watched XC. It's like watching paint dry, but slower.

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