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rip_demon 05-11-09 08:09 PM

Disc Brake squicking
hi, 2 weeks ago i bought the 09 trek 6700 which is equiped with Avid Juicy 3. it was riding fine untill today that i was climbing a hill.
the front brake started squicking. is it normal? i've never had disk brakes before. Please let me know as soon as possible. thank you!

mcoomer 05-11-09 10:03 PM

Climbing a hill I doubt that you were grabbing the brake lever so I would check that the caliper hasn't shifted on the mount. Put the bike in a stand and spin the front wheel. It should spin freely with very minimal rub or none at all. If it's rubbing go to, go into the Avid brake section, and then find the manual for your brakes. The manual will tell you how to adjust them.

Now, since the bike is a new '09 I'm assuming that you bought it at a local shop. If that's the case and you find that your brakes are rubbing I would say stop there and take it back to the shop. It will be a pretty simple matter for them to align the caliper and show you how to do it for yourself in the future. On the other hand, if something has failed on the front brake then you will want them to repair it under warranty. If you start messing around with the brakes they may say that you induced the failure.

Finally, I see by your join date that you're new so please take this bit of advice. Disk brake squeals have been covered probably 10 gazillion times on the board so take the time to use the search function. Some crusty old geezers on here will squawk at you for posting up a question that's been answered that many times. Good thing I'm not old.


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