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nickfireinven 05-23-09 06:38 PM

Kona Cindercone
Does anyone have an opinion about the Kona Cindercone or Konas in general. Are they a quality bike worth the money they're asking for them or have there been a lot of negative experiences with them?

Dannihilator 05-23-09 06:57 PM

They're good bikes in general.

ObjectAgnosia 05-24-09 09:21 AM

I owned a 2005 Cindercone back in college and it was great. Took it on a week trip in AZ and it never let me down. I'm sold on Konas, solid bikes with great geometry. I own three three Konas now.


I sold my Cindercone to fund my Cowan build up.

kenhill3 05-24-09 01:45 PM

+1 on Kona here, too. My GF has two Hahanas, one commuter and one for off-road.

My FS is a King Kikapu. Had another KK but sold it last week.

They good/decent bikes.

When I go to another FS bike with more travel though, I likely go with higher end ie. Titus, Pivot, Chumba, etc. etc. etc.. Kona doesn't quite seem to delve into the truly higher-end.

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