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trailrider1 05-28-09 07:26 PM

how heavy is too heavy?
what weight should i look for for a beginning trail,jumping,tech bike?
the one i want is about 35 pounds.

DirtPedalerB 05-28-09 08:01 PM

depends are you planning to ride uphill??? for a normal bike I'd say 30lbs is the sweet spot, for jumping I haven't a clue, I'd guess probably closer to 30 than 35.

ChanceCoats123 05-28-09 09:25 PM

I jump dirt, and I ride around 29.5-30lbs, plus my 150 lbs ass :bang:. Haha

trailrider1 05-29-09 07:27 AM

ok thanks.

ed 05-29-09 08:53 AM

Originally Posted by trailrider1 (Post 9001752)
how heavy is too heavy?
"I dig the way you wiggle
You don't jiggle
Once you jiggle"

sstorkel 05-29-09 09:08 AM

If I've got to pedal a bike uphill, I don't want it to weigh more than about 30lbs...

never 05-29-09 09:38 AM

Originally Posted by trailrider1 (Post 9001752)
what weight should i look for for a beginning trail,jumping,tech bike?
the one i want is about 35 pounds.

In the price range you are looking, you can't be picky about weight.

trailrider1 05-29-09 09:39 AM

i think this is going to be my jump bike and tech trail bike. ive got a cross sontry gt that my dad lets me ride and its nice on hills.

never 05-29-09 09:42 AM

What is a "tech trail bike"?

Jordan300 05-29-09 10:25 AM

if it's your first bike then 35 pounds is fine, in a year or two when you upgrade you'll be a lot stronger because you've riden a heavier bike

dminor 05-29-09 05:01 PM

I would draw the line at about 45 lbs. Much more than that and they become plows that only want to decend in straight lines.

joetronic 05-29-09 05:06 PM

My DJ/DS is coming in at 27, buts its a SS. What kind of jumping are you talking about? Dirt, urban, freeride? All of those take a beating, so heavier is the norm if you don't wanna spend a fortune. If its light stuff, a AM rig would be okay, and at around 35lbs, climbing will be okay, depending on how steep it is. If weight concerns you, and you are on a budget, look into a hard tail. A light dually is gonna be far from "budget." Cheap full squish is gonna be hella heavy.

What bike are you looking at?

trailrider1 05-30-09 11:27 AM

mainly dirt. some minor freeride.

joetronic 05-30-09 12:30 PM

Dirt jumping? as in built up man made jumps, like a BMX track style?

trailrider1 05-30-09 01:00 PM

ya theres a park for it near me. but i am building a trail at my house that is going to hav a few jumps and a rock garden.

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