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jimx200 06-23-09 09:01 AM

Building a f/s...suggestions on frame
After beating my 50 something body on some technical trails here in N. Cal. on my IH hardtail, I'm in the mood for a full suspension bike build. I test road some fellow riders Treks and Specialized fullys...smooth as heck. Anyway, I found this frame on PricePoint and looking for opinions on it or others. Btw, I'm 6-2/210 if it matters. Thanks.

Or their complete bike:

ca7erham 06-23-09 09:36 AM

You've posted two different styles of bike/frame.

jimx200 06-23-09 09:47 AM

Originally Posted by ca7erham (Post 9151369)
You've posted two different styles of bike/frame.

Yes...either would work. I have a like new Tora shock, but still don't think I could build one for the $999. price. Opinions on either frame is what I'm looking for.

yellowjeep 06-23-09 10:38 AM

The first frame is a 4-5-6 inch all mountain frame the other a 4in XC frame.

Some thoughts on the ace here

and the Flite

I had been planning on buying the flite frame and building it up with the parts from my HT but after thinking about it I would be better served by saving up for the complete because it is cheaper than what I would have in current build with better parts.

TwinCam 06-23-09 12:03 PM

Originally Posted by jimx200 (Post 9151163)
Btw, I'm 6-2/210 if it matters.

it does matter a bit.

a downside of suspension bikes is the need for extra maintenance. the way they usually express this is to start creaking.

the frames look pretty similar but there is an extra pound of material on the flite frame. that means the frame will be more resistant to twisting and the bearing will be less subject to side loading and the bike will go longer without degraded performance in the rear suspension. a 210 pound guy is not "too much" for the Ace frame, but he will be twisting and bending it more than a 160 pounder. the one pound difference will mean less to the bigger rider as well.

something to consider if you like bikes to "just work".

besides that, every sette product ive had experience with including frames has been good quality.

cbchess 06-23-09 12:09 PM

those are two bargin frames, are you looking towards low cost frames?
Check over at MTBR for blowout deals at some of their sponsor sites-
Jenson, Cambria etc.

ed 06-23-09 12:38 PM

Jamis Parker 3-hundred-sumthin.

TwinCam 06-23-09 12:45 PM

Originally Posted by chelboed (Post 9152548)
Jamis Parker 3-hundred-sumthin.

i call that "compact nuevo". because i make up names for things. i like it but i think he's looking for more "gennyesque".

jimx200 06-23-09 12:54 PM

Good stuff guys, thanks. And appreciate the heads up on as strong a frame as possible (affordability). And the Jenson frame looks good too. Regarding Sette: saw a guy on a Sette road bike a few weeks ago and his comment was for a entry level $500. bike it far exceeded his expectations for fit, finish, and apparent good quality. The search goes on..

jimx200 06-23-09 01:02 PM

Chel, thanks for the heads up on Jenson frame/bike..good company too. I found this and it appears to be a great deal..
With a freaking Recon shock and Deore too...nice stuff for that price.
Right now I ride a IH Warrior in 21.5" size...would this 18" size work? It appears to have a somewhat longer top tube of which I prefer to something more compact. Time to make a call to Jamis and see what they say.

TwinCam 06-23-09 01:12 PM

that jamis parker is compact nuevo. (i made that up)

i think compact nuevo is the future of general use mountain bike geometry. i like it alot. it's much better than the "toilet with newspaper" riding postition of the old long travel freeride bikes. but it is not a classic genesis/cross country fit either. compact nuevo requires more upper body strength and overall energy to do the same things. especially climbing.

if you want to try the new hotness id go for that complete parker. awesome deal.

if you want somethign more like you warrior but with squish, then get the flite.

dminor 06-23-09 01:17 PM

Originally Posted by chelboed (Post 9152548)
Jamis Parker 3-hundred-sumthin.


TwinCam 06-23-09 01:26 PM

i have a friend with a dakar xlt and that bike sucks.

Scratcher33 06-23-09 07:22 PM

Originally Posted by TwinCam (Post 9152877)
i have a friend with a dakar xlt and that bike sucks.

Any reasons why? I love mine but I've never had any other FS or even another decent bike before, so I can't really compare it to anything. A few expert riders I know do scoff at my bike though.

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