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Night Prowler 06-21-04 03:37 PM

What to look for when buying used bikes.
Hello. First posting here.

I saw an ad in my local paper for a Diamondback Apex model bike that was eight years old and they wanted $100 for it.

I think I might go have a look at it but was wondering if there are key things to look for to make sure this bike doesn't have any major or minor problems that might not show to the average joe.

Any help is greatly appreciated in advance.

BurlySurly 06-21-04 03:41 PM

Well, since its 8 years old, just look for cracks in the frame and fork and wheels. If its been used that long, it should pretty much be beat to hell by now anyway, so just buy it and ride it. For a $100, 8 year old bike, I dont know what youre expecting.

a2psyklnut 06-21-04 06:37 PM

It all depends. At 8 years old, you're almost better off if there is NO suspension. I've seen 8 year old bikes that have been used 2 or 3 times and then collected dust in a garage.

The first thing to determine is if the frame size is appropriate. Bike shop bikes come in different frame sizes. Take it for a test ride. If your "boyz" are toching the top-tube chances are it's too big for you. If you feel like your knees are hitting your elbows it's too small.

Other than the basics. Do all the cables work? Do the brakes work well? Are the tires dry-rotted? Does the bike shift through all the gears?....etc.

Look for cracks at the welds of the headtube (where the forks meet the frame), and at the bottom bracket (where the cranks go through the frame).

Are the wheels straight?

Is there a lot of rust?

SO MUCH to consider. Also, remember that bike BRAND NEW was probably only $300.00, so unless it's perfect, I wouldn't pay more than $60.00!


Night Prowler 06-21-04 07:13 PM

Thanks. These are some of the things I need to know.

I haven't looked at it yet. They say that it was an $800.00 bike when bought new.

redfooj 06-22-04 02:20 AM

blah.. i dont know about diamondbacks costing that much.. and if it did, i would have looked at other bikes for that price

but anyways, i think you should focus on the frame...make sure there was no cracks and damage... make sure it straights... ride it to see if it tracks true... components are secondary

Night Prowler 06-22-04 03:57 PM

Here is some pics of the $100 bike. They say it hasn't been rode in four years and both tires are flat. Don't know much about these things.

What do you all think?

Pic 1

Pic 2

MandansFinest 06-22-04 04:11 PM

They don't make stems like that anymore.

jeff williams 06-22-04 04:15 PM

Nice headset, seatpost looks o.k. Nice frame, if steel.
Bad news, wheels look garbage. > Good news, swap out old wheels and those steel quick release for new light ones> you may drop over a pound.
Check the chainrings for over wear, they ain't cheap.
A front side pull brake possibly as a safety upgrade IMO.

A good used rear wheels a $100.00, or an old good frame.
Wouldn't say a waste, not a super deal either. Work, better starting point than walmart though.

Tell them you need new-er wheels.

jeff williams 06-22-04 04:21 PM

Ha..just realized I have p-much the exact frame 17.5 hanging on the wall behind the computer. I'm an idiot, well, there are 4 bikes in the room in various states :rolleyes: .
Chromo-bomber, hard to damage that frameworks. Heavy, reliable.
The bb's probably garbage if original, low end, my only complaint with the bike. $70.00? to replace.

Edit, will look at the bb, Shimano, p-sure. Derailler hanger is not too tuff, but steel, o.k to bend back.

(Old alu, recycle.)


jeff williams 06-23-04 10:34 AM

Sorry, braket not Shimano> Japan Tange Ki 1.37\24T. Mine was not so hot.
Is the rear wheel hub body gold? I thought it was rusty...what are the rim\hub make?

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