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wookv 06-29-09 06:30 PM

Soda Ridge Trail in Keystone, CO
I'm visiting Colorado at the end of next month for a conference and there is an organized ride at the Soda Ridge Trail. I've contacted the organizer but I'd like to canvas for more opinions.

Can someone provide some information/experience on this trail please? I googled it but couldn't find much information. I'm essentially still a noob and I'm wondering how difficult is the trail? (4-5 foot drops? 10miles or 50miles? Issues like that)

Thank you.

sunset1123 06-30-09 02:08 PM

Lucky you! I haven't been back to CO in way too long, but there's tons of great riding in Keystone of all difficulty levels. Soda Ridge, fwir, is no big deal. It winds up behind keystone and intersects with the Colorado Trail. Typical Colorado XC. But you can access some really tough trails and DH from this area also, so make sure you know where you are going. The narrow valley that Keystone sits in backs up all the way to the divide at Argentine Pass, but Soda Ridge doesn't go that far... it hooks into the Colorado Trail which snakes back through the Lost Creek wilderness area.

Great riding around Keystone. I hope you get a chance to get off the better known trails like SR and explore.

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