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ed 09-10-09 07:15 PM

Ahhh...1 size too small. I'm keeping my eyes open for a 16.5 to FRHT...ride report on that fork?

Zephyr11 09-10-09 07:32 PM

Just got the bike today, so I haven't had much of a chance to play with it. It's been down a couple of sets of stairs (riding down them, not jumping), and a couple short (<1 foot) urban drops, but not enough to give a real ride report yet. Coil's way too heavy for me, that's about all I've figured out so far. Komodo II comes with a DJ1, but also with a decent price jump.

Talking to the guy at the store, I got the impression that the New Jersey Jamis still has some '09's still in stock, and a couple leftover '08's (at least in 14", though I'd think 16.5" is probably a more common size to sell out).

ed 09-10-09 07:53 PM

I'm hoping one day to follow 66's lead and find an affordable ride with a crap fork and throw a Domain or Argyle on there and hope the rest of the bike holds up. (though I have a theory that the Launch ...though not a stellar performer...will take some repeated abuse)

lanfarm 09-16-09 09:12 PM

Once i get my bashguard on, I will post my updated bike. Speaking about bashguard, do i really need to use a torque wrench to get it right?

ed 09-16-09 09:26 PM

Depends on the bash...if it's a Lexan e.13 supercharger...then dang straight I'd do it.

lanfarm 09-17-09 08:12 PM

Darn it :P

Think the bike shop would do it for free? I definitely don't have 100+ dollars for 1 tool...

ed 09-17-09 09:12 PM

Harbor Freight...$20'ish. Make sure to get the "inch pounds" version.

If not, just be careful.

lanfarm 09-18-09 04:36 PM

Just be careful?? As in use hex keys and not make it too tight or too loose? I still dont want to purchase one because:
1.Canadian currency conversion
2. Ill probably only need it this one time.
3. Shipping

I will find a way!

dminor 09-18-09 05:21 PM

There is one "economy" (there, I said it without saying 'ghetto' - - hah!) way to do this:

Know how long your allen wrench is. Like if you have a long-handle set with the ball-end on the long end.

Attach a fisherman's scale ($4 from a sporting goods store) to the end of you allen wrench and pull to the correct poundage.

So if the torque spec for your supercharger is 4.8 nm (if it's something else, there's a nm to inch-pound converter here), that's about 43 inch-pounds. If the 'pull spot' on your allen wrench is 5" from the bolt center, you'll need to exert 43 5 = 8 - 9 lb.s pull on the end of your wrench. Easy.

ed 09-18-09 06:46 PM

Wow're a really fart smeller.

nsw550 09-20-09 09:20 AM

GT Avalanche LE

Zipp 3001 frame with 440 wheel set

mtb_man_14 09-20-09 05:33 PM

3 Attachment(s)
my rigs

mtb_man_14 09-20-09 05:35 PM

from left to right motobecane fantom trail, specialized rockhopper and motobecane outcast 29er

mtb_man_14 09-20-09 05:35 PM

fantom comp. my bad

ed 09-20-09 07:50 PM

Originally Posted by nsw550 (Post 9708654)

GT's are the beezneez.

augustin01 09-21-09 11:17 AM

frame: Gt Brian Lopes 2004
fork: Fox 80 RL
handlebars: Truvativ Holzfeller (30 rise)
crank: Truvativ Rukinton + Bashguard
bb: Truvativ Howitzer XR
pedals: Dmr V8 white
stem: RaceFace Evolve Am 31.8
rd : Shimano Xt (2006)
shifter: Shimano Xt 2 way (2009)
cassete: Shimano XT M770 11-34t
chain: Shimano CN-HG53
seat: Selle Italia XO white (2009)
hubs: Shimano Xt
wheels: Sun Single Truck white
tires: Maxxis Advantage 26x2.1 (53x559)
inner: Continental Mtb
grips: Race Face Good'n Evil (black)
brakes: Avid Juicy 7 / rotors 203mm (2009)
hose: Jagwire Ripcord L3 kevlar

augustin01 09-21-09 12:08 PM

  • cadru : Rocky Mountain ETSX-70 (2007) bascula de carbon / marimea 18''
  • amortizor: Fox RP23
  • furca : Fox Talas 32RLC /100-120-140 an 2007
  • tija sa: Race Face Evolve XC / 27.2mm Update -> Thompson Elite
  • cuvete : SA Orbit Xtreme Pro 1 1/8" c/w
  • ghidon : FSA K FORCE Carbon DH Riser Bar 31.8 x 680mm 40mm rise
  • sa : Selle Italia XO Transam / an 2009
  • colier : Syntace SuperLock
  • cauciucuri: Pair of Panaracer Fire Xc Pro 26 x 2.1
  • pedale : Boxed Black DMR V8 Flat
  • roti : Mavic XM 317 Laufradsatz MTB XT Disc 6 Loch
  • pipa: Race Face Evolve Am 3.18 (2010) 8 grade 70mm -> Update Thompson Elite X4
  • mansoane: Race Face RF Lock on Grips Including Locks 130mm
  • pinioane: Sram Kassette PG990 PG 990 X.0 roter Spider 11-34T
  • manete: Sram X.9 ESP Trigger 2009
  • schimbator: Sram X.9 ESP Schaltwerk medium
  • angrenaj: Truvativ Stylo 3.3 Team Kurbelgarnitur 2008
  • lant: Sram Kette PC991 PC 991 114Glieder Power Link Gold
  • camere: Conti MTB Schlauch 26x1.75-2.50 42mm valva presta
  • frane: Avid Elixir CR Komplettset 185/160mm NEU 2009
  • cabluri+camasi: Jagwire Ripcord L3

mzeffex 09-21-09 01:54 PM

Rocky mountain wins best in show.

Luke52 09-21-09 07:04 PM

Augustin01, that 8" rear rotor looks hugely out of place for some reason.. :lol:

Nice bike though.

GaryNoTrashCoug 09-22-09 09:39 PM

2 Attachment(s)
My Motobecane Fantom 29er and Trek 850 commuter.

eminefes 09-22-09 09:48 PM

Here's my new Marin Alpine Trail 29er:

I got it for $340. I had been wanting to try a 29er, but without spending much $$$, so I figured this was the way to do it.

helmut 09-23-09 06:40 AM

Originally Posted by eminefes (Post 9726074)
Here's my new Marin Alpine Trail 29er:

I got it for $340. I had been wanting to try a 29er, but without spending much $$$, so I figured this was the way to do it.

How did you get that for $340?? That's a $800 bike! Kudos for a good deal.

eminefes 09-23-09 09:02 AM

Originally Posted by helmut (Post 9727036)
How did you get that for $340?? That's a $800 bike! Kudos for a good deal.

I bought it here and used a 25% coupon I was given:

Only the 17 inch is available now, though.

Moif 09-23-09 10:27 AM

Giant ATX 860. Freshly cleaned and out of storage ready for a romp tomorrow :)

Can't wait.

johnnytheboy 09-23-09 05:21 PM

matchy matchy

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