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ShogunMSB 04-11-14 01:56 AM

dminor 04-11-14 09:31 AM

^^ U.gly . . . and I mean that in a nice way :thumb:.

El Cid 04-12-14 07:04 PM

Stock Surly Krampus, 2013

Millerad1651 04-13-14 02:33 PM

New old ride...1993 Diamondback Sorrento

How I got it...


Nordo 04-23-14 08:21 PM

Giant Talon 5 27.5
I picked up a new Giant Talon 5 last week. I wanted to try the 27.5 wheel size. So far I think I like it.

Livedb 05-08-14 10:08 PM

Biking sucess- 3 in a year.
Hi everyone!

I returned to biking after 20 years away recently as part of a diet and life change. At 48 years old, I had burnt the candle at both ends long enough. I am happy to say I lost 75 pounds in 11 months. One year and one month ahead of schedule (wanted to be fit by 50) Biking played a huge part in my success.

I started with a basic Schwinn Sierra 21 comfort bike and quickly learned it was just not up to the trails I found. After a few broken axles, and countless shifting issues I gave it to my kid and went back to get a better bike. Still, I lost almost 30 pounds with it, so I cant complain.

My LBS had a deal on a 2013 Fuji Nevada 29 1.9 D. I was getting into some local single track by this time and thought this might hold up better. Once again I found it was just not ready for the real world. It had a Free Wheel design and I was bending axles every week. I bent the big gear ring in the rear and the LBS mechanic would sigh every time I came in. No Good!!

Finally found these forums and got some direction. Learned about free hubs and better components...etc.


This is my third bike in just 6 days short of a year!

Just traded up to a new 2014 GT Karakoram Elite!

Pic before it even got in the house!

Just got back from my first ride, and I am a happy camper so far! Cant wait to do my trail and complete it without a single break down / chain off / Wheel rub problem!!!

Thanks to all who help people on this forum! :beer:
Remember, we all had to start somewhere.;) :50:

craigcraigcraig 05-09-14 07:33 AM

congrats! keep it up.

Italuminium 05-11-14 09:44 AM

Dinky old bike with fresh rubber... by ctjr, on Flickr

bknaus 05-11-14 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by Nordo (Post 16697285)
I picked up a new Giant Talon 5 last week. I wanted to try the 27.5 wheel size. So far I think I like it.

I got to Demo a few different Giant 27.5 bikes last weekend and I do like the tire size a lot, that'll be a fun bike!

Bmil128 05-18-14 04:51 AM

Trek X Caliber 8
I just replaced my Raleigh Talus 29 Sport with this Trek X Caliber 8 that arrived yesterday at my LBS. Just ordered it one week ago, I don't know why more shops don't stock the blue version, I quite like it. By dumb luck my bottle cages on the old bike were Bontragers in the same color so I kept them for this bike.

alvanko 05-18-14 05:41 AM

2 Attachment(s)
This is my Giant Talon 27.5 1. Bought it in March. Trails (northern Ohio) are still to wet to get it off road!

TheDavid 05-19-14 10:41 AM

Bought this last fall and used it on a few occasions during the winter. Planning to use it more now to explore the river valley parks

Sixty Fiver 05-19-14 11:11 AM


Originally Posted by TheDavid (Post 16772114)
Bought this last fall and used it on a few occasions during the winter. Planning to use it more now to explore the river valley parks

You missed a good ride yesterday... took the Blizzard for a spin in the valley.

TheDavid 05-19-14 06:59 PM

Good times :thumb:

eastbay71 05-21-14 04:20 PM

3 Attachment(s)
I finished rebuilding and upgrading my Motobecane recently. I put on Deore XT front and rear derailleurs,Rhyno Lite wheels with XTR hubs, On One Midge bar with 9 speed dura ace bar cons and shimano R400 brake levers. I repainted the whole bike and replaced the front suspension fork with a rigid fork. She's a blast to ride! I need to change out the cables tho. I tried to get away with reusing the originals and they're too short.

cycles4fun 05-23-14 05:58 PM

1 Attachment(s)
My rig - and first MTB: A pre-walmart 1998 Mongoose NX 7.5 Pro. Better than NOS, she's been upgraded to a 9spd drivetrain 12-36t cassette, new chain, shifters, cables, WTB Moto 2.3" tires, Shimano SPD's... I <3 her.

U.V. 05-24-14 10:06 AM

looks good, you need to shorten that chain though

cycles4fun 05-24-14 03:24 PM

Thanks! Didn't realized I was cross chained sm/sm.

BIGDCYCLES 05-25-14 07:34 PM

Lots of daydreaming material in here. Hope to add one to it in the near future.

Millerad1651 05-27-14 06:12 PM

Ride along the river this evening.

Trek_CycleOps 06-01-14 09:56 AM

2012 Orbea Alma H70 29er
4 Attachment(s)
Just bought a 2012 Orbea Alma H70 29er. It was (shockingly) still brand new in the bike shop and had an excellent price tag on it.

This has all the components I was looking for except I would have preferred the thinner wheels of a Hybrid Bike. Otherwise the frame/components are very similar to those of the Giant Roam series and/or the Trek DS series.

The only thing I'm considering changing about it is the wheels, might put some hybrid wheels on it eventually because I was originally looking for a hybrid bicycle.

Happy cycling!

Millerad1651 06-02-14 07:16 AM

You shouldn't need to buy new wheels to get a thinner tire...just buy a thinner tire. You could get a hybrid style tire in 1.5" - 1.75" and they would still fit the wheels...its a lot cheaper option than buying wheels and tires.

Johnny Mullet 06-16-14 06:37 PM

This is my Craigslist find that I fell in love with. Put about 80 miles on it in the last couple weeks. It's a 1989 Reflex ALX Carbon...........

LuMax 06-16-14 08:57 PM

1989 bicycle?
Perfect hairstyle match.
1000 bonus points to you sir!

Wooden Tiger 06-17-14 02:57 AM

2012 Cannondale Flash Alloy 2
Not sure whether I posted mine before. I probably did, but...

Brand New:

Two Weeks Ago:

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