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TheHeavy 09-29-09 06:50 PM

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Here she be, this thing goes like stink!!
Winnipeg and its surroundings offer up some dope trail networks and i exploit the hell out of them on my 29er!!

mzeffex 09-29-09 07:27 PM

Nice bike. XTR with a tora though? That seems a bit extreme.

yerodtr 09-29-09 07:56 PM

Here's my new baby. Got a good deal on her this weekend.

My HT now mainly used for urban riding/exercising.

mzeffex 09-30-09 04:54 PM

Nice Giant. :thumb:

sknhgy 09-30-09 06:43 PM

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My ticket to far away places.

mystolenbikes 09-30-09 10:17 PM

Originally Posted by yerodtr (Post 9768929)
Here's my new baby. Got a good deal on her this weekend.

Nice bikes, but dude how tall are you? :D

yerodtr 10-01-09 07:19 AM

Originally Posted by mystolenbikes (Post 9776663)

Nice bikes, but dude how tall are you? :D

Thanks... 2009 Giant Trance X3 and 2009 TREK 4300 disc.
I'm 6' 4" .... which forced me to get the XL frame for the Trance and the 22" frame for the 4300 which are both the largest the manufacturer offers.

nvn 10-02-09 02:23 PM

Merida Mission 500 D

dminor 10-02-09 02:52 PM

^^ Nice! We don't see many Meridas; thanks for posting it.

mzeffex 10-02-09 09:46 PM

That suspension design strangely reminds me of specialized :rolleyes:

nvn 10-03-09 02:22 AM

Originally Posted by mzeffex (Post 9789154)
That suspension design strangely reminds me of specialized :rolleyes:

First one with that kind of suspension was Bergamont, then one of the owners of Bergamont separated and made his own company - Centaurion, then Merida Bought Centaurion, and then Merida bought Specialized

Specialized :


C Law 10-03-09 02:52 AM

My MUP cruiser

estabro 10-03-09 02:41 PM

kenhill3 10-03-09 05:47 PM

I like the B&W. I have a King Kikapu that I built up. It's B&W, too.

mikeetow 10-03-09 07:23 PM

my steel Dean singlespeed

craigcraigcraig 10-03-09 07:28 PM

oh boy that's a nice looking bicycle.

UBUvelo 10-03-09 07:54 PM

Originally Posted by sknhgy (Post 9775480)
My ticket to far away places.

nice...what model/year of trek is this? looks similar to mine, but mine's a heavily modified navigator...

do you tour with it? hit single track? everything in the way?


Elad63 10-04-09 10:44 AM

Look what followed me home from our local CO-OP. Specialized Rockhopper. It will need a new chain, tires and saddle. But not bad for FREE... More pics on my Photobucket account in signature. How do I find out the year it was made.

Dannihilator 10-05-09 06:49 PM

craigcraigcraig 10-05-09 06:59 PM

well thats different, i dig it.

skibeachguy 10-05-09 07:34 PM

You ever want to sell let me know. Nice looking bike:)

Originally Posted by mikeetow (Post 9792988)

Siu Blue Wind 10-05-09 11:52 PM

Originally Posted by Dannihilator (Post 9804233)


yak 10-06-09 08:54 AM

2008 Fuji Reveal 2.0

Terrapin Ben 10-06-09 12:44 PM

Is that Lynskey on 29 in dubs? even if it is, looks like a very sweet ride.

Biohazard74 10-06-09 12:51 PM

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NOOB coming through.

2009 Giant Yukon FX

2005 Raleigh M-80 built by me with a custom paint job i did myself.

& my girlfriends Giant 2006 Pistol womens

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