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revelstone 05-15-10 07:35 PM

Originally Posted by chelboed (Post 10331855)

Can't get her to hop up on the 34t:lol: Guess the 1892 Sora wasn't designed for 9spd MTB's:lol:

I miss my XT already.

hmmmmm i think i can fix that:):)

Terry66 05-18-10 07:17 AM

Hey guys…wassup? Haven’t been out in the woods in a while….things have been pretty wet here in Ohio, so I have been doing the snob roadie thing. Anyway, just made some recent changes to my RockyMountain….went from SS to an SLX 1X9 and found a decent deal ($100) on a nice Fox. With all the changes, none of the product stickers on the bike are still on the stupid bike....Mavics/eThirteen are on the Trance, RockShox is on my Hardrock HT.....

cat0020 05-18-10 03:04 PM

Bought this as a frame from eBay, pieced it together with what I could find in the basement.. waiting for the rain to pass.. Balfa 2Step HD

craigcraigcraig 05-18-10 05:33 PM

doesn't look very rainy......

jstewse 05-19-10 09:48 AM

That RockyMountain looks fun. I dig the orange.

dminor 05-19-10 10:43 AM

That is all for now.

Luke52 05-19-10 03:16 PM


So, so very jealous.

Zephyr11 05-20-10 07:53 PM

Daaaamn. I'm jealous.

mzeffex 05-20-10 08:24 PM

Damn, D! Nice.

/yeti fetish

Dannihilator 05-20-10 08:30 PM


4evrplan 05-21-10 09:21 AM

Very nice, d. I must confess, I was hoping to see more progress, but I bet you're a lot more anxious to get it going than I am. So far, I see 1) seat post 2) bottom bracket, and 3) cranks in a box. Did I miss anything?

dminor 05-21-10 10:34 AM

It's a bit of a Catch 22 right now - - some odds-and-ends are going to have to be cannibalized off the Blindside but I couldn't risk disabling it if I couldn't make the Yeti all come together by today. Big rides this weekend - - never and a friend are coming down from Canada for a 'tour of WA' gravity-fest.

Can't install the crank until the chain guide is on (on Blindside); can't install the fork until without the reducer headset lower cup and bearing (Blindside as well). Brakes, cassette, derailleur too. It's a frustration. On the positive: laced the rear wheel night before last and it's at the LBS for tension/true/dish.

4evrplan 05-21-10 12:24 PM

Justin Timberlake's voice is in my head singing "It's a crank in a box."

Dannihilator 05-24-10 08:32 PM

Luke52 05-27-10 03:11 AM

The race machine. New wheels, new SLX derailleur, and she's ready to go for my first race on Sunday.

Luke52 05-28-10 12:26 AM

Gave it a good clean, fitted my number, and she's all ready to go!

Low J. 05-28-10 07:03 PM

My Rockhopper 29'er

manstein 05-29-10 10:23 AM


markrj 05-29-10 04:37 PM

New member here. Here is my 1988 GT Karakoram. (I think it's a 1988. can anyone verify?)

I purchased this baby new in 1988. Spent quite a few years in storage. Installed some accessories over the years that were not original including, computer, road slicks, a gel seat, grips and baby seat carrier. I love it! It is my only bicycle. It's filthy right now and I really need to clean it up. It is going to play a large role in getting me back in shape over the summer.

I rode it a few time over the past couple of years and I seem to have issues with numb fingers/hands. Any advice on how to avoid that would be appreciated.

Fizzaly 05-30-10 07:51 AM

i just finished building her i know its not super fancy and crazy expensive but i finished staying under my 250$ budget and it rides suprizingly well 1997 trek 8000

stevemtbr 05-30-10 04:48 PM

Originally Posted by Fizzaly (Post 10887386)
i just finished building her i know its not super fancy and crazy expensive but i finished staying under my 250$ budget and it rides suprizingly well 1997 trek 8000

Really looks nice. Did you repaint it?

Luke52 05-31-10 01:19 AM

Yeah, post-race...filthy.

Fizzaly 05-31-10 01:01 PM

Originally Posted by stevemtbr (Post 10889002)
Really looks nice. Did you repaint it?

yeah i stripped it all the way down and for now just put a quick spray paint job i didnt have the time to get it powder coated

youcoming 05-31-10 06:02 PM

Recently purchased my first really good MTB. It has actually encouraged me to enter a race! 2010 Trek Fuel EX7,

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