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fc_ 08-19-09 08:46 AM

Not a great detail picture of the bike, but I really like the photo anyway, so there. :p

Soma Groove, Dart II fork (hey, I was on a budget, and it works fine for the trails around here), lx rear der, shimano something or other front der, b-17 narrow saddle, mismatched xt thumbies, 7 spd cassette (11-34), sugino xd300 crankset (26/36/46), lx vbrakes (i really wanted to use regular old cantis, but I couldn't find a suspension fork that had an integrated cable hanger in production anymore), Crank Brothers Acid pedals, "Minimalist Rack" on the back is a nasbar mini front rack, inverted, with the matching rack bag (Yeah, I carry stuff! :) ), incredibell mounted in the right bar end to warn other trail users that I'm about ready to run them over.... errrr.... pass them.

Terry66 08-19-09 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by ca7erham (Post 9516051)
Glad to see another daytonian. That pic at Momba?

No, that pic was taken over at Brown County, In. I do ride Momba most of the time though.

johnnytheboy 08-19-09 09:45 AM

new stem, grips, saddle.....
yes- i know i can lose 150grams by going to xtr pedals.....

LERsince1991 08-19-09 01:09 PM

My very-low end bike.. apparently :P (probably is compared to your lots!)

ed 08-19-09 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by thehappyrobot (Post 9517172)

Is your handlebar installed correctly?? It looks like you've got your "sweep" aiming toward the ground. It's supposed to be swepped back, right?

johnnytheboy 08-19-09 01:58 PM

the s-works logos on the bars are straight.
i dunno.
but i did notice it too.
....doesn't feel bad.

never 08-19-09 02:02 PM

From here, the bar logos look like they're pointed up. It looks like someone lined them up with the center of the stem faceplate. The stem has a fair bit of rise so the bars are more down-swept than designed. Rotating the bar forward could result in a more comfy riding position.

johnnytheboy 08-19-09 02:09 PM

you are 100% correct.
thanks guys.
i just rotated the bars down and it seems better right off the bat.

what a n00b move.

oh well.

never 08-19-09 02:24 PM

Don't worry, it's all minor tweaks that get the bike feeling perfect. Sometimes you need someone else to point out something obvious that you didn't notice. It's happened to me too.

RIC0 08-19-09 05:42 PM


Originally Posted by Terry66 (Post 9517056)
No, that pic was taken over at Brown County, In. I do ride Momba most of the time though.

Brown County should be renamed " The ****" because that is what it is. I'm heading up there 2 times next month. I :love: me some BC.

ed 08-20-09 06:47 AM


Originally Posted by chelboed (Post 9518955)
It looks like you've got your "sweep" aiming toward the ground. It's supposed to be swepped back, right?


Originally Posted by never (Post 9519183)
Rotating the bar forward could result in a more comfy riding position.


Originally Posted by thehappyrobot (Post 9519237)
i just rotated the bars down

I'm confused...rotating them down (to me) seems like you rotated them backward so they're swepted down...rotating them forward would make them sweptified backward. Maybe "down" to you means down in relation to the logos. I dunno.

Did you rotate them forward or backward.

Doesn't really matter to me...I don't have to ride it. Just curious.

johnnytheboy 08-20-09 07:37 PM

i roated the front down, so the sweep is now pointed towards me....not the ground.

ed 08-20-09 07:57 PM


Triple8Sol 08-20-09 09:15 PM

Here my first DH bike, a GT Ruckus 2.0 frameset with bunch of upgrades and converted to a singlespeed and now an 8-speed. Marzocchi Bomber fork and Fox Vanilla rear shock.

This is my Tomac Six Shooter frameset which is powdercoated. Manitou Nixon Super 145 fork and Swinger 6-way rear shock. Rest of the parts were swapped over from the GT. Need to take some new pics though, with the new wheelset, chainguard, seat, seatpost, etc...

tizeye 08-21-09 07:07 PM

Expanding to include road and mountain. Just got my first hardtail - and first new bike in over a decade. Hit some trails, and oh was it sweet!

Jamis Dakota Sport
Rock Shok Tora 302
Deore/XT mix drivetrain
Shimano Hydraulic disc

ed 08-21-09 07:23 PM

Now that a nice bike:thumb:

craigcraigcraig 08-21-09 09:42 PM

woo jamis ftw!

TwinCam 08-22-09 08:45 PM

The hanebrink zzyzx that was on the shadow frame recently gave up the ghost. Happily, it was not a catastrophic failure. The hoodshock that old man hanebrink used as a damper exploded inside the right leg. Making the fork not only a pogo stick but a god aweful drooling mess. It's been removed and replaced with an old 140mm marzocchi. Sure the bike rides better now... but it's just not the same fuxor anymore. :.( Not really worth posting pics of.

On the other hand, Shawn who destroyed this so-called freeride fork has vowed to turn it into a guitar. And if that happens I'll be sure to post pics.

ed 08-23-09 06:40 AM

Maybe you can find yourself an RST HiFive or something.

victim 08-23-09 07:49 AM

Always liked the look of the Ruckus. Maybe because I saw Brian Lopes tearing it up on one. But then again, he could tear it up on a wally world bike. Anyways nice bikes Trip8's.

xxxfattonyxxx 08-23-09 09:16 PM

First Mt bike in 15 years, I'm loving it

kazemir 08-25-09 01:52 PM

This is my ride, what do you think of it? It’s my first bike.

toyman 08-25-09 02:09 PM

'95 Cannondale M500 w/Amp 3XC fork (I've since removed the road tires)
96 or 97 Scott Vertigo LSD full suspension. Getting it back up and running as soon as I find a new rear shock.
Thinking of either upgrading the Cannondale with the Scott components if I scrap it and getting a new FS, or, if I get the Scott fixed a new 29er hard tail. We'll see.

LERsince1991 08-25-09 05:35 PM

I'm reposting mine! :)
Pics from my first ride - was about 30 miles
The bike is 7 years old

johnnytheboy 08-25-09 07:04 PM

after a bath, some new rubber and 2 red ribcages....
(also rotated the bars to the correct position)

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