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FoX Rider 06-29-04 09:21 PM

Any pics of HUGE drops?
I was looking around online for some pics of big drops but couldn't find anything good. Does anyone have some pics of stuff Bender has done? Or anyone else who does that crazy crap. Please post those pics.

mindbogger 06-29-04 09:38 PM

As for a huge pic, a year ago Specialized had an awesome pic of Matt Hunter(?) on its website. It should be on my computer somewhere. I think someone here has it as their avatar....

FoX Rider 06-29-04 09:49 PM

I'm looking forward to seeing that pic!

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:06 PM

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God father of Freeride.

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:07 PM

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Not big per se. But one of the harder drops on the shore considering it is to an insignifigant tranny.

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:09 PM

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Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:11 PM

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Another Again (did you know you can't have the same sentence in 2 posts....arg)

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:12 PM

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Here is the hunter poster mentioned above

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:13 PM

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Another one of matt before he busted himself up

FoX Rider 06-29-04 10:13 PM

Thats the kind of stuff i'm looking for!

FoX Rider 06-29-04 10:14 PM

What did he bust up?

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:14 PM

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Yet another of Matt

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:16 PM

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Sorry needed some wood in there. Big drops bore me to look at :D

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:17 PM

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I believe this is a road gap in squamish...maybe the shore...I loose track haha

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:19 PM

Originally Posted by FoX Rider
What did he bust up?

I forget what he broke actually. But he has been out most of last year.

Also check out

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:20 PM

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Found another I really like. This is AWESOME extension

FoX Rider 06-29-04 10:25 PM

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This must suck. BTW this pic is from there is no 'watermark' on it.

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:26 PM


FoX Rider 06-29-04 10:27 PM

Originally Posted by Maelstrom
Sorry needed some wood in there. Big drops bore me to look at :D

I've never rode stuff like that. But I've always wanted to.

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:29 PM

Maybe I am mistaken. I remember reading something about an injury...but can't find any info.

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:29 PM

Originally Posted by FoX Rider
I've never rode stuff like that. But I've always wanted to.

Fun stuff. Has its own level of adrenaline. I haven't rode a skinny this year though, really disapointed in myself.

FoX Rider 06-29-04 10:32 PM

I've seen people do it. Only in the videos my friend has (he's got Quick & Dirty and Kranked 5) But the skinny stuff looks very tough. And lots of it is elevated like 5-10 ft. from the looks of it. So that stuffs not for me.

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:33 PM

Some of it is. For the most part 5 ft is about the limit for an average trail. I have a trail here that gets to 4 or 5 in one section. I gotta get some pics. But like I said I just haven't done any this year...

Maelstrom 06-29-04 10:34 PM

Try and find a series called NSX (1 to 5) it is a good price. 5 hours of movies, but shows how the shore evolved. Very cool series.

FoX Rider 06-29-04 10:35 PM

There isn't much to do here in my little town. So I really wanna have a road trip with some of my friends next summer and go to some nice mountains. WITH shuttles. I hate hiking up with 40lbs. for 30 minutes for a 3 minute ride. Almost not worth it.

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