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McGuillicuddy 07-01-04 09:49 PM

Bottom bracket/Crankset Suggestions
Hi guys,

A bit of background, I'm riding a '02 RM fusion (ass-nasty components but a great little frame) and and ride almost exclusively single track XC. My bottom bracket is currently snapping and popping like no other, and my outer chain ring is all bent to hell (I have to commute on this bike too, so I do need the outer chain ring), so I want to replace the bottom bracket and crankset. Problem is, I'm not up on all the various kinds of spindle interfaces and all the nitty-gritty details, so I was hoping you knowledgable fellows could make some suggestions. I'm not concerned with weight...I just want it to be as bulletproof and worry-free as possible. I'd also like the lot to come in under $200 (Canadian), even lower would be better. The other issue is that I'm running an 8 speed drivetrain and I really don't feel like switching to 9 speed right now - my understanding is that you can't really use 9 speed chain rings with 8 speed chains...but I'm not sure.

Any help would be appreciated!


a2psyklnut 07-01-04 09:57 PM

O.k., since you ride mostly XC and commute, you don't need industrial strength stuff. Any DH specific would be overkill.

I would try to find a nice set of Race Face Turbine LP's with a square taper bottom brackett on closeout. The new ISIS is very nice, but you'll pay more and you may find a killer deal on a square taper set of cranks.

You will have ZERO, ZIP, NIL, NADA problems running 9 speed chainrings with an 8 speed chain. It's the other way around that "sometimes" gives you trouble (Note: I ran a 9 speed chain on my Race Face 8-speed chainrings for a couple of years without ANY problems, but theoretically the 8 speed chainrings are too thick for a 9 speed chain)

Now, if you were going to get into jumping or some crazy stuff, then I'd go with ISIS or the Shimano SPlined system.

But for what you've described, a square taper will hold up fine and will be trouble free for years!


McGuillicuddy 07-02-04 02:22 PM

Hey there,

Thanks for the input, just the kind of advice I was looking for. Unfortunately, I'm not sure about finding such a high-end crank on close-out around here. The LBS's here seem to carry so little stock that clearance deals are few and far between. Looks like there's a deal on those very cranks at, but by the time I pay duty, exchange, and shipping to Canada, it will be a small fortune :(. My options do open up considerably, however, now that you've told me I can use 9 speed chain rings!


KrisA 07-02-04 03:35 PM

I upraded the cranks on my 02 Trailhead from the junk MC-20's it came with to RF NEXT with a square tapper (still running the stock LP-27 bb and it's holding up fine) and couldn't be happier. Got them for $250 on close out at, unfortunately they're all sold out now. Soooo, how about these two options:

Cheap - Shimano deore square tapper + UN40 bb, bikeroom has this set up for about $120 cdn I believe.

Mid priced - Raceface Evolve + Raceface Evolve BB, about $220 cdn, again from bikeroom. My buddies new RM Hammer came with these cranks and they are sweeeet, expecially considering the price.

Also your bb might still be in decent shape, perhaps it just needs to be taken out, cleaned, threads lubed, and re-torqued?

McGuillicuddy 07-02-04 08:03 PM

Yeah, my man Dave at my LBS did just that with my BB and fixed it right up. I do still need a new crankset though. My current set has rivetted, non-removable chain rings,and they're getting pretty bent up. I'm going to do what I can to get a hold of some high-quality square taper cranks at a good price since I think it's pretty clear I don't absolutely require ISIS cranks.

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