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blurman 07-02-04 09:55 AM

XTR disc brake ....HELP
My newly installed XTR rear disk brake is giving me problem.
The outer piston don't seems to be retracting fully. This has cause the brake pad to kind of touching the rotor very slightly resulting in brake drag.
The drag is not very bad but the drag is still there. Although I can ignore it and keep riding but paying so much for the brake, I can't just ignore it.
Bleeding was done correctly.
Does it still need more time to run in as I have only ride it less than 5 times after installation.
Someone please help.

tFUnK 07-02-04 01:19 PM

i think you just ride them like that for few more miles to "burn them in" so the pad surface gets worn parallel to the rotor surface... i could be wrong however, but that's how i do my avid mechs when i change pads.

PeterG1185 07-02-04 03:09 PM

it could be just slightly out of alignment considering that the Shimano discs use shims to allign them. So it's the shims, or you'll have to let them run in a little more

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