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Panoramic 07-04-04 10:33 AM

An awful obstacle...
So there's this 5 meter long log with a four foot sacrifice drop into a dry river if you don't make it. Now I don't have the balls to do it alone, so I was wondering if tying a rope from tree to tree to run above the log to hold on to if I fall is a good idea.

Maelstrom 07-04-04 11:07 AM

Sure why not, should work fine. But keep in mind, you will focus on your bailout more than making it, increasing your chances of falling.

Riding skinnies is all a mind game, keep that in mind :)

jeff williams 07-04-04 12:23 PM

Jump off the log onto the riverbed a few times, good to be able to land flats and hop AWAY from anything that will knock your pedal as you go down. If its a no go- Hop off and land a flat.

Like unless you got foot high sharp boulders under you. Are you running a FS bike?

Like did you mean 40 feet? Tying a rope for 4 feet is goofy, unless your under 24 inches tall. Might be good for dragging yourself back up outa the creek.

I must be missing something..

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