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zerocool33 08-19-09 02:13 PM

GF Rig or XCaliber?
Not sure whether to go geared or SS. I'm a clyde if that matters. MTB'd for 8 yrs then had a 3-4 hiatus, and now I've been on a cyclocross for a couple months. My LBS is taking my Fisher Presidio in on trade, and money wise I can afford either the Rig or XCaliber. I like both but wanted opinions on SS. I know there are many out there that don't like it, but on the other hand there are many that do. Especially that they are 29ers. I have my mind made up on that part, so that's decided. What do you guys think? Do you need to be in athletic domination condition to have fun on a SS, or am I making a mountain out of an anthill? My wife thinks I am nuts, but we have a lot of really nice trails and not many of them have gargantuan hills. Just want to make the right decision is all. Any help/comments/advice would be appreciated. I will say that I am staying with Fisher (it's what my LBS carries) and I am staying with a 29er, so as much as a Specialized Stumpy would be nice, it's not in the cards.

zerocool33 08-19-09 06:24 PM

Nothing huh? Guess I should of asked how to install barends? LOL:rolleyes:

gortosi 08-19-09 07:17 PM

I just picked up an '08 Rig. It is actually the same frame as an X-Cal except it has an eccentric BB. Meaning you can add gears to it if that is what you want. I am going to convert mine to a 1x9 setup this winter.

zerocool33 08-19-09 07:26 PM

I have a thought about converting it to 1x9 if I wouldn't like SS for some reason. I am leaning more towards the Rig, but the fact that I can add gears kind of settles my fear of not liking SS. The Rig is probably a better value because of that I guess.

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