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}P.3/RiDeR{ 07-24-04 12:59 AM

What Has Been Your Worst Crash Ever?
For me, I havn't had it bad yet, my worst crash would probly have to be when i was hitting a decent size gap (bout 18 feet long). so i picked up my speed, and zoomed down the hill. i hit the gap no problem, cleared it, but when i landed i crushed my back rim (rhyno lite) and slid out, i slid until i hit a bicycle path and flew over it, landing on a hill. i was not physically hurt, except for Big Jim and his soldiers, but the worst part was before i hit it i claimed it was overrated and really easy. i walked home that day.

Please tell your worst crashes.

catatonic 07-24-04 01:12 AM

when I was 14, and slid for half a block on my elbow following a ramping incident gone terribly awry. the bottom of my left forewarm was from elbow to wrist left knee didn't look too good either, but my arm was by far the worst...I evntually got the bleeding to stop, but it was pretty was dripping when I got up.

The bike had severely bent rims, the handlebars were misaligned, and the left pedal (plastic) was locked in place from the impact. Basically the repairs were more than the bike, so i used it as a beater and rode my oldschool cheapo ten speed (an AMF peice of ****, but man it was fast)

Worst part was I could do that jump in my sleep...nobody could figure out how that happened...they all said I landed clean too, then sudenly the bike seemed to have slid out form under me. I have no clue if that's tur or not since I remeber landing and suddenly sliding along the ground, wondering when it will stop.

Now for actual trail riding...i have yet to have a bad one...but something tells me with my bad luck for getting myself tore up, I'll have one in due time :)

damn 07-24-04 04:34 AM

Crashed into police car :rolleyes:

Well not reall "crashed".. just hit it..

Rain, city, 11.30pm, street. The street goes about 15 degrees down. Sure im gathering speed very quickly, it's very quiet and i hear and see no cars.

Upon getting to like 50 foots to the crossing street i see freakin' police car, moving slowly *with lights out*. I hit the brakes, my rear wheel locks and falling to the side and just sliding on my ass (it was raining all day) into the car. Police officer sees all this, continues his journey and just watching me from the window. Thump.. Few nice scratches on the car. "That's it, im dead man". Police looks at me from up there (i slided into driver's door).
- Are you ok?
- I guess so..
Actually i don't even had any scratches, though i was w/o helmet in shirt and shorts
- Well you be careful there.

And drives away to the street i was driving from.. Guess what? It's one way street and he goes there! Wrong way!

Sure it's not the most "worst" crash, but i still remember it after few years :p

SpecializedHRS 07-24-04 06:39 AM

i had my nieghbore ( whos like 12 and i'm 14) come to my mtn biking course. ( this all happend yesterday too...) so he loves to jump off of my dinky x factor with his Trek 4300. so i've gotten him over like 3' 1/2 foot high sticks with just the x factor and he clears them so well. so anyway, we set up a 3 1/2 foot high stick resting on cinder blocks and big rocks on top of the cinder blocks....since my run way for my jump is only about 200 ft, in order for him to get enough air to pop over it the jump only has like 30 ft runway after the jump.... lol so he gets all ready to jump over it when his FRONT tire nails the stick and of course hes leaning forward so his front tire aims for the ground and he lands with both tires, but then he sumersalts holding on to the bike....all in a 30 ft runway....he gets up goes " aw man! that sucked!" lol. not me, but my nieghbors experience i witnessed yesterday.... sry for it being so long.

Hopper 07-24-04 06:55 AM

This one should have been the worst but I have stacked so many times, I can get out stacks pretty well:

Basically going between 40-50 K's on open dusty single track, downhill, there was a small root before a corner. I usually just let my bighit comp absorb it but for some reason I hit it and lost control. So i threw myself over the bars, deliberatly, landed hands out and did the perfect roll, heard my friends coming behind me, grabbed my bike off the track as a reflex action, then checked for bike damage, then checked for body damage. Not even a scratch on me. My friends said, all they could see was a big dust cloud.

As for actual worst crash, would either be when I ended up sliding across jagged rocks on my knee and got a deep gash in my knee, not bad enough to stop me riding for the rest of the day. Or when I was on a runup for a wooden launcer in tight woods and my front wheel slid out causing me to slide 3meters grazing my leg, and then my Hayes Hydro lever snapped on impact when I fell or during the slide. Funny thing was my handle bars but a hole in the wood and got lodged in. It took a while to pull it out.

Sorry for the long post, but hey, it was worth it.

snakehunter 07-24-04 08:34 AM

Going down a steep grade very fast in the rain on grass, I notice a turtle, I swerve and miss the turt by mere cm's. I lock my back brakes, and my rear starts to level parallel to my handlebars,. While this is happening I am falling backwards. ( this whole action is like a really long and fast fish tail ) FINALLY I am leaning back too far and my pedal catches a fistfull of earth, and stops my bike in its tracks. I on the other hand fly off and roll in the mud. No physical damge, but spent the next two hours fixing my rear break. OH and when i go to see if the turtle is OK, i find it was fust a funny looking rock! ARG

}P.3/RiDeR{ 07-24-04 12:34 PM

Well ive posted my worst crash already, but my stupidest injury needs to be told. I was just riding along a skinny (incidently about 5 feet away from the gap that i totaled my back wheel) and it drops off about a foot to the right, so i started to lean towards that side and realised, im going donw, so i tried to hop clear of my bike, but instead i got my foot stuck in my frame, and fell the whole foot. when i landed i severly twisted my ankle, and once again i had to walk home.

kona_roastbika 07-24-04 01:20 PM

i was riding up for a stair gap bunny hopped did a 180 rotation in the air and when i landed on the other set of stairs my wheel gave out on me and i went sliding down 8 steps and now i have brutal scrapes on me knee they are permanent now, i will post a pif of them later on.

Later(selling z150fr $650 cdn)

Crack'n'fail 07-24-04 04:11 PM

I was doing some urban assault on my mtn. bike one night with a group. There was this parking lot where we would always wait for the stragglers. Well, I was riding around and jumping obstacles and what not. Well, there were these "islands", basically oval concrete things with trees and mulch in them, and there are about 10 of them. I was flying along about 25 MPH or so jumping them one after another. The last one had a big pile of mulch in it, but I figured I could clear it. I was just about to clear it and i pushed down on my handlebars a bit to help the rear wheel clear. Whap! my rear wheel caught the mulch at that exact moment and my twisting motion made the bike flip over instantly. My hands never got off of the bars and my face went right into the pavement. I pushed 2 of my front teeth back almost parallel with the roof of my mouth and snapped another one in half. I also layed my eye open so bad that the first hospital wouldn't even work on me. The sent me to an eye specialist at another hospital and 36 stitches later I was on my way home. I had nasty road rash all down one side of my face as well.

After that it took me a little while to get comfortable on the bike again.

coastdog 07-24-04 04:47 PM

Lost my chain and endoed a two foot drop... did a three pointer when my wheel turned right instead of rolling: head, outside of right hand, and back of right shoulder. Did not eject soon enough.
Result: Wrote off helmet, broke some small bones in my left hand, and separated shoulder... two months off riding (I couldn't even laugh for a couple days). My shoulder still hurts after a solid day of downhill.

Dannihilator 07-24-04 08:14 PM

Messed up doing a table top last year and wound up messing left knee up, this was back in my Giant days.(Was also the last time I rode a giant.) Destroyed the bike, which was an AC1.

sarsparilla 07-25-04 06:46 AM

was bombing down a descent that I always go down but I hit a root wrong and it threw me to the other side of the track where my front wheel stopped when it hit a nice big rock. I proceeded to go over the bars and slam my face into the next rock. Thank God I had my helmet with the visor, probably saved some serious ddamage to my face because it was what hit first. --- funny thing is that I have never had problems there again, it was just a fluke thing.

Arrows2100 07-25-04 11:16 AM

Umm riding along back to my house and taking a corner too fast when its all slimey and feeling bike slide away from me, falling over and looking like a rite ol' arse!

Then doing the exact same thing the next day... Yea! lol

BikeTyke 07-25-04 01:17 PM

How many ppl did this happen to? When I was younger, I was riding my brothers BMX bike and tried a wheelie down the street. As soon as I lifted my front wheel off the ground, I see it bounce ahead of me. I end up endoing when the wheelless fork hits the asphault and land on my back. I prob laid there for 15min in pain.

Arrows2100 07-25-04 04:56 PM

BikeTyke that similar thing happened to me except I - i dont know how i managed it, but - was coming up to a t-junction and braked and front wheel rolled off and i stayed up for a bit resting on fork before comically toppling over :P

HDTVKSS 07-25-04 05:10 PM


When i was in early high school me and a friend were racing down the road. when i went to overtake him he moved over on me resulting in my front wheel collecting his rear deraileur . end result = over the bars + pain. all in all was ok but i can still see it clear as day

on a MTB, worst stack would be when racing my riding partner along some fire trail when he squeezed me for room, i hit some soft sand and had a choice of 1) bail or 2) make good friends with a tree. i chose the former and somehow uncleated myself and dove for the ground! got up, dusted myself off and continued on my way :D

mayor red beard 07-25-04 08:36 PM

Im sorry to all of you, but i have the worse crash of all. I was borrowing my friends p.2, and there was an old construction site that was abandoned, someone bought the land and left evrything the way it was and turned it into a bike park.

i go their on my friends p.2, and their is almost a striaght drop, its about 70 degree angle, no joke, and im going down about 25 mph, theres a 6 foot jump and i hit it wrong, kinda going off it on a angle, then i lose my grip on the handle bars and soon im underneath my bike 15 feet in the air i hit the ground on soft woodchips, bike lands on my left arm, breaks it, then falls over onto my right arm and it scrapes the **** out of it, 10 stiches on the right arm. I WIN! :-D. (No back injuries from landing on my back though, just from the bike landing on me.)

Dannihilator 07-25-04 08:41 PM

How is that worse than tearing stuff up in a knee?

}P.3/RiDeR{ 07-26-04 12:17 PM

well he said it pretty quickly, but i believe he broke his arm, not the bike, but ya tearing up stuff in your knee is worse to me, right there the injury may not be as bad but its got long term affects on your body

Buzzbomb 07-27-04 10:17 AM

That would be the one in which I broke my helmet in two, sustaining a closed head injury (relatively mild). I, unhh, was riding... unhh, down....... What was the question?

a2psyklnut 07-27-04 10:31 AM

Worst crash or worst injury?

My worst crash was one in which I was relatively unhurt with the exception of hundreds of scratches from the vines I landed in.

I was doing some early morning solo riding and came to one of my favorite descents. It's a ridge with drop-offs on either side. It had been raining the day before and the soil at these trails have a lot of clay in them. When it rains, it gets super tacky. When it rains a lot (which it had done) it gets SLICK! Since I was solo, I decided to take it pretty easy. I was riding my brakes a bit too much. BIG MISTAKE! Most of the time your momentum is your friend. The lack thereof was my downfall, or should I say "FALL DOWN!". My front tire started sliding sideways, I released the brake to regain control, but it was too far gone. I hit some rocks on the side of the path and endoed bigtime. I knew it was coming and focused on my landing spot off to the right. I tucked my head and rolled onto my back as I hit the grape vines. (underbrush) and the downward slope of the ridge I was riding. No biggie! Except that the underbrush was so thick, I was still 8' off of the ground. Plus, I was going so fast that when I hit this underbrush, I rolled. I rolled and rolled and finally ended up about 25' down the side of the ridge. Kinda fun. Problem was, I couldn't get down safely. I couldn't climb back up, so the only thing to do was to dig down, drop about 8' to the ground and walk back up the trail. Then I had to climb down the other side to retrieve my bike. Nothing broken (on me, nor my bike) but the grape vines tore me up. Every exposed part of skin, including face was scratched, just to the point where it broke the skin, but wasn't really bleeding.

Then, about 5 mins. later, I got a flat and as I was changing it, it started to rain.

NOT a fun day!


Mikeesq4 07-27-04 10:46 AM

I have a couple.
one, i crossed a street, when up a drive way, went over the grass and flipped for no reason. i actually did a full front flip. landed entangled in my bike, with a few borken bones in my hand.
my other one was just yesterday.
If somone ever tells you you can't wipe doing zero, they're lieing.
I was showing off infront of these girls, and i was doing endo's and wheelies and such. and they are like "what happens if you flip." "while doing an endo) and me being the idiot i am, showed them. I thought i was just going to be able to bail real nice and all, but i didn't.
I was going way to fast, and i pulled the back up to far. it looked real nice too. i literally hung there for about ten seconds, balenceing. then i started to go over, and i didn't bail fast enough. i fell on my face, and the bike fell on me.
hurt my arm, and slammed my jaw on the ground. that was a huge kick in the pride

BlackDiamond 07-27-04 03:19 PM

Well not counting breaking my forehead when I was a kid riding a wheelie, or the time I almost died racing BMX, not counting injuries from Skatboarding, racing Quads and MX, and not counting bullet holes or stab wounds. Mine would have to be my crash back in February.

I have the '03 Sixsixone Pressure Suit and love it. It has saved my bacon more than once. My last bad crash back in February (Fractured 2 meticarples and broke one) I was flying though the air thinking.... Hope my pressure suit works, crap I'm going to scuff up my new riding shoes, and OMG! hope my bikes gonna be ok landing on these jagged rocks. Seemed like 5 minutes later... WHAM hit the ground/rocks then saw sky, dirt, sky, dirt, sky, breath somehow jumped outta my chest, just as my bike landed on my back, and knocked out any wind that was left over.

I sat there for a minute, making sure everything was still attached. Did the old wiggle everything until you hear a crunchy grinding noise. Yep hand is broken, but everything else is in working order. Ran to my bike...yep she's ok too. Rode the rest of the way down with a funng grinding/crunching noise comming from my hand. Got to spend the next 6 weeks in a cast.

Does the pressure suit work? Yep!

Jon-Kyle 08-02-04 09:22 PM

I had gotten a new Mongoose street bike. Tried to go between two basket ball polls. Hit one. Broke my left arm, had to get 10 stitches in my chin. haha, true storry.

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