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Arrows2100 07-25-04 11:05 AM

Any way to unbuckle a wheel
Hey. Im a kid without a job and my front wheel is slowly but surely buckling :(

The wheel is a Vuelta Airline 1 Plus wheel and someone estimated it to be about 80-100 worth of wheel :(

Anyway, is there any way that I could take it to a wheelsmith (is that what you call em) and they could re-shape the wheel and replace any damaged spokes?


Cornish_Rdr_UK 07-25-04 11:35 AM

Youcan go to your LBS and they will get it retrued, for a bit of money, depending on how badly it is Buckled.

But, tbh, i wouldnt bother truing it, i would save up andget a better wheel, i personally dont like the vuelta wheels, i had a set on my old bike, and they buckled after 3 rides, i was very disapointed.

}P.3/RiDeR{ 07-25-04 01:42 PM

well have you personally looked at your rim do see if theres any irreversible damge? i.e seperated at the weld? cuz then you just need a new wheel, no amount of truing will help that. and if you are lacking mone i suggest keeping your hub/spokes and just getting a new rims and having the pros at your LBS swap it over. that is to say if your hub and spokes are still in working order...

Arrows2100 07-25-04 04:54 PM

So i can get the rim without any spokes or anything, just the outer bit. Sorry im a noob lol... Ummm, Vuelta served me well so far just after going wayyy to fast and then smashing into concrete to immediate stop... just thinkin of the damage if I didnt have shocks :P

Umm... the spokes are pretty wierd - they have bladed spokes and there are alot less than a usual bike. Can I just buy a rim and have them fitted or does it need to be the same rim??

}P.3/RiDeR{ 07-26-04 12:18 AM

well first off yes you can get just rims, but now im not too sure, do you possibly have any pictures of your wheel? cuz im just gettin a brain fart and cant think of what you are describing

a2psyklnut 07-26-04 12:51 PM

Well, chances are that the cost of buying a new rim will probably cost more than a whole new wheel. Why? Well, unless the rims have the same profile (width of rim), you spoke length will change. Then, it's usually poor form to re-use the spoke nipples. So, you need new rim, new spokes and new spoke nipples. Then add to that the cost of labor to build it up using your mediocre hub. You're better off buying a new wheel. Heck, check out or and go to their classified section and see if anyone is selling a spare front.


Arrows2100 07-26-04 05:08 PM

THats my wheel

}P.3/RiDeR{ 07-26-04 06:05 PM

ya the only way it would be cheaper then buying a new wheel is to buy the excat same front rim

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