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Henri08 10-14-09 08:51 AM

Altitude Training Tips
Hey guys, pretty new to this forum but people here seem to be very informative.

I was planning on taking a low budget trip in may to do some altitude training in Aspen, Colorado. First of all, is this a good location and if so does anyone have any routes, tips or any sort of information that would be helpful. Second of all, what is a good time duration to stay there to reach max (or close) benefits and a good training schedule to go by ?

Remember, this is a low-budget trip.

Relevant information: Training for MTB (ontario cups, canada cups) and road o-cups; 18 years old; can put 4-6 hour days in the saddle 6x a week; Live in Ontario (within a day or 2 driving distance); First year senior expert in mtb hoping to move to espoir U23 by the end of the season


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