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Smallguy 10-21-09 05:35 AM

mtb shoe life.. how long till you replace?
lately my shoes have been bothering me in 2 ways

1. the feel like they've stretched and my foot moves around in them

2. my foot gets sore along the edge of the foot behind the pinky toe.. the shoe at times feels like it is flexing when I put power to the pedals.

the shoes are a little over a year old and the soles looks good.... no real wear and I don';t see any cracks (I broke a pair of time shoes behind the cleat after 2 years once)

I've also noticed the insoles seems to have developed bumps and I'm' wondering if this is causing my foot pain.. but at the cost of quality insoles it almost makes a new pair of shoes more tempting

so how long do your shoes last?

10 Wheels 10-21-09 05:37 AM

Try some thick socks.

Smallguy 10-21-09 05:41 AM

Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 9897005)
Try some thick socks.

I always wear cycling specific socks

skeem 10-21-09 05:00 PM

first off, what shoes are they? also you probably could/should replace the insoles. im a hypocrite, i rode the same specialized shoes for 3 years and replaced nothing-not even the cleats! anyway, if you ride a decent amount and think youll be happy with new shoes, go for it and get something nice. one con is that i got the top of the line specialized shoes (worked at a specialized shop and got the older model) and i thought they would be the best things ever and i usually go back to my older worn in shoes. i thought the new ones would position my foot/knee better etc and that they would secure my foot better and ive noticed that its not a huge improvement. my experiences with bike shoes (5 years 3 pairs) is that you feel every little thing in them because they dont have much padding and your foot contacts the pedals in one spot. (sorry for the rant), if your gonna ride and you want new shoes than just do it, just keep in mind they may not be more comfortable, just newer looking.

Milice 10-21-09 05:03 PM

I am at 5 years with a pair of Sidi's and still going strong.

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